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How do I request a transcript?


To request a transcript from SSC, you can come to the Admissions Office any time the office is open.  You will need to present a photo ID and an official transcript will be printed and presented to you at that time.  You may also go to www.sscok.edu/admissions and click on the “Request Transcripts” link.  You will be directed to the National Student Clearinghouse website to complete the order.  There is a charge of up to $3.50 per recipient.  Requests can be for a paper transcript to be mailed or an electronic transcript that can be emailed.  Requests will not be processed if there is a nonpayment or transcript hold on your account.



How do I drop a class?


To drop or withdraw from a class, you must first contact an academic advisor and fill out a drop or withdraw form. If you drop a class before the designated “drop with a refund” deadline, the class will not show up on your transcript and you will not owe charges for the class. After this deadline, you may withdraw from your class with a “W” grade on your transcript until the “withdraw” deadline, and you will still be charged for the class.



Are GED classes available?


Seminole State College does not provide GED classes, however free and open to the public classes meet on SSC campus through the Seminole Nation Adult Education Program. For more information contact Clara Keawphalouk at 405-257-7263 or visit 215 E. Evans in Seminole, OK.



What do I need to do to graduate?


If you believe you are close to being able to graduate from SSC, you must declare your candidacy for graduation. Each student with more than 40 credit hours will receive a “Graduation Survey” through their SSC e-mail account each semester. To declare candidacy you must fill out this survey completely and include how you want your name to appear on your diploma and whether you want the diploma mailed to you or kept in admissions for pick-up.


If you want to participate in the once-yearly SSC commencement ceremony, you should go to the SSC bookstore in late March or early April to purchase a cap and gown and reserve your spot in the ceremony. Students eligible to graduate in Fall, Spring, or Summer may participate in commencement, which occurs on the last day of each Spring semester.








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