Due to mandatory social distancing regarding COVID-19, we have made a few adjustments to our enrollment process.



If you are a new student, you may come see us in person, or we are continuing to enroll via email. If you are enrolling via email; a few documents need to be scanned and emailed to admissions.


Documents that SSC needs are copies of all high school and college transcripts and ACT/SAT scores, if they are not notated on the transcript.  If you are coming in-person you can bring these documents with you. 




If you are a returning student and need to enroll, you may either contact your advisor, come to campus and meet with an advisor or call the advising office on campus.



For further information, contact the following offices: 



Contact  Admissions  405-382-9230

 if you need to:


  • Apply for Admission                         
  • Order or send a transcript                              
  • Change information on your account                        
  • Have questions about Veteran's benefits 




Contact  Advising: 405-382-9797 

 if you need to:


  • Enroll for classes                                                        
  • Drop or Add classes                                                   
  • Withdraw from classes                                                           
  • Change your major                                                     
  • Need Student Disability Services                                                      
  • Need to placement test          




Contact Financial Aid   405-382-9247 

if you need to:


  • Help with your FAFSA
  • Help with verification paperwork
  • To check on your federal awards’ amount and/or status
  • To apply for federal student loans
  • Questions about scholarships
  • Help if you are experiencing a financial hardship
  • All other financial aid related questions





*The following link has several options for free scanning apps for both iPhones and Android phones:



Contact Admissions

Phone: 405-382-9230   |   Fax: 405-382-9524



Admission Office Hours
Mon.  8:00am-5:00pm,  Tues.-Thurs. 8:00am-5:00pm, 
(Closed on Fridays in summer)


admissions staff


Seminole State College welcomes, encourages, and supports student success.  The College provides an “open door” admission policy in accordance with admission criteria set by Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.  Students must meet additional standards to be admitted to certain degree programs.


Admission materials are available on-line and in the Admissions Office.  Application for admission is processed on a continuing basis. Students are encouraged to apply for admission several months in advance of the desired semester enrollment to facilitate the process of advisement, placement and enrollment.


The College believes a student’s success is enhanced by assessment of basic English, math, science, and reading skills and through placement in courses meeting the assessed needs of individual students. Placement testing is provided prior to enrollment.


New students who plan to attend SSC should follow items (1), (2), (3) (4), (5) of the admission steps below.  Transfer students who plan to attend SSC should complete items (1), (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6). Placement testing may be required.




Follow links for special circumstances.

Non High School Graduates  | Concurrent Enrollment   |  International Student   | English as Second Language

 Using Nonacademic Criteria  | Advanced Standing Exams  |  CLEP Exam Table




Click on links below for a step by step guide.


Admissions Steps           Enrollment Steps







Admissions Steps


All materials required for the Student Personnel File should be in the Admissions Office prior to enrollment.  A student whose files are incomplete at the time of enrollment may be provisionally enrolled and granted one semester to complete the file. If the file is still incomplete after one semester, a student may be subject to administrative withdrawal for subsequent semesters.


1. Application for admission.  Complete an application for admission online

at  Either click "Apply Now" or click My SSCOK at the top of the page and go to admissions. A $15 application fee will be charged upon initial enrollment.


2. American College Test (ACT).  Results no more than five-years-old—the test is given five times annually on national testing dates. Students who took the ACT more than 1 year ago may require math placement testing.  Students taking the test prior to college enrollment should put the Seminole State College code number (3436) on the ACT application as one of the places the score results are to be sent.   All regularly enrolled students, under age 21, are encouraged to take the ACT test. Students are encouraged to take the ACT test if planning to attend another college/university after they leave Seminole State College. Residual ACT tests are administered locally in addition to those administered on the five national test dates.. See the ACT Web site for more information on these tests.


3. High School Transcript. An official transcript of all high school courses taken must be provided to the Admissions Office. The transcript must show the date of graduation, if applicable.


4. Students who have not earned the required high school units, must clear any deficiency before enrolling in college courses in the specific subject area. Deficiencies may be cleared by meeting itemized scoring standards on the ACT test, by taking college assessment tests and meeting required score requirements, or by enrolling in pre-college level course. Pre-college level course will not count toward satisfaction of degree program requirements. Students must clear any curricular deficiency with the first 24 hours of college credit.  See required units.


5.  Immunizations - Oklahoma Statutes, Title 70 §3244, requires that all students who enroll as a full-time or part-time student in Oklahoma public or private postsecondary institution provide documentation of vaccinations against hepatitis B, measles, mumps and rubella (MMR).  Students must complete and submit the Immunization Compliance Form  (pdf) and provide vaccination documentation to the Admissions Office.

See Hepatitis B Information (pdf) and Measles, Mumps, Rubella Information (pdf)


6College Transcripts. Official transcripts from other institutions of higher education which have been attended, if any, must be provided to the SSC Admissions and Records Office. Additional information will be required if a student is not in good standing at the last higher education institution attended. Transfer student with curricular deficiencies must clear all deficiencies within the first 12 hours of college credit.


7.  Campus Housing (If applicable)  If a student plans to live on campus he/she must complete a housing application and contract.  In addition, a $100 housing deposit is due when housing paperwork is submitted. 



Note: Admission to SSC does not guarantee admission to a specific occupational program. Consult an Enrollment Specialist or the appropriate program coordinator for additional admission requirements to special programs.  



Admission and enrollment begins in the Admissions office in the Student Services Center


Step-by-step procedures for officially enrolling at Seminole State College are:




Complete Admission Requirements which includes providing the following information:


A. Complete an application for admission online at  Either click "Apply Now" or click My SSCOK at the top of the page and go to admissions. A $15 application fee will be charged upon initial enrollment.


B. High school transcript, showing date of graduation, or proof high school class has graduated.


C. All regularly enrolled students are encouraged to take the ACT test. ACT scores cannot be more than five years old. If a regularly enrolled student has not taken the ACT test then placement tests will be required. Students who took the ACT more than one year ago may require math placement testing.


D If transferring from another institution of higher education, an official transcript from that institution and all other colleges previously attended.


E. Fill out Immunization Compliance Form (pdf) and provide immunization documentation.


NOTE: No student is officially enrolled until all required records indicated above are on file. Failure to provide these records in a timely manner may result in a cancellation of enrollment or a delay in future enrollment or transfer.




Meet with a Academic Advisor in the Enrollment area and review any ACT or SAT scores for curricular deficiencies and assessment testing needs.


The Academic Advisor will determine if one or more student placement exams must be taken (all first-time freshmen students are subject to placement testing to ensure proper course selection).





After placement testing (if needed), meet with an Academic Adviso in the Enrollment area to obtain assistance in working out a schedule. Students receiving benefits from the Veterans Administration should report to the Coordinator of Veterans Affairs for an enrollment check.




A printout will be provided showing the class schedule and the amount due for tuition and fees. 




Proceed to the Cashier's Office to pay fees and receive a campus parking permit.