At Seminole State College, assessment of student learning is a dynamic, comprehensive process designed to create and sustain a culture of learning on campus. The primary goal of the assessment of student learning is to continuously utilize all of the creative and analytical talents of the College to improve student learning and achievement. It is an ongoing process, distinct from the evaluation of individual students and faculty, and is driven by the mission of Seminole State College.


       In general, the assessment of student learning is guided by the following line of questions: WHAT are students learning? HOW do we know it? And how do we USE this evidence to improve student learning? To answer these questions, academic assessment is conducted first and foremost at the course level, but also involves the use of other important self-inspective activities.  All assessment activities are designed to determine if desired student learning outcomes for general education, degree programs, and the institution as a whole are being met. Factors such as the allocation of resources and the needs of local and global communities also share a dynamic relationship with the College, and therefore with the assessment process as well.   The complete SSC Assessment of Student Learning Procedure may be accessed through the link below.




Assessment of Student Learning Procedure (2018-2019)




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