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All courses are numbered in terms of four digits. The first digit indicates the class level.  For example, course numbers beginning with a "1" are generally intended for freshman students; those beginning with a "2" are for sophomore students. Courses having numbers beginning with a "0" are taken for no college credit, and are intended to satisfy curricular deficiencies. The last digit of the course number indicates the number of semester credit hours awarded for successful completion of the course. Therefore, a course numbered 1113 should be interpreted as a freshman course carrying three hours of credit. Courses with a "0" as the last digit may be taken for variable credit, usually for one to four semester hours.


In addition to the course number and title, a three-number code appears after the title. The first number indicates the number of lecture hours; the second, the number of laboratory hours; and the third, the number of credit hours. Therefore, a course with the code 3-0-3 should be interpreted as having three hours of lecture each week, zero hours of laboratory, and three hours of college credit.

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Accounting Anatomy Anthropology Art Biology
Botany Business Administration Chemistry Child Development Computer Science
Criminal Justice Engineering English Environmental Science French
General Physical Science Geography Geology Government Health, P E &
History Honors Humanities Journalism Korean
Mathematics Medical Laboratory
Microbiology Music Nursing
Native American Studies Office Management Philosophy Physics Psychology
Reading Religion Science Sociology /
Speech Zoology      

updated 07/27/2011