BOT 1110 General Botany Lab

Required with BOT 1114


BOT 1114 General Botany   3-3-4

General Botany is an introduction to the study of plant life, structures, adaptations, and reproduction.  Primarily for science majors but will fulfill the General Education Life Science requirement. Prerequisite: The student must have an ACT Science Sub Score of at least 19 or earned a “C” or better in SCI 0113 Transitional Science.    OSRHE Matrix: BI 201


BOT 2022 Forest Trees of Oklahoma  (Independent Study)  0-6-2

Forest Trees of Oklahoma is a study of the common trees of Oklahoma, including general types; locations; a brief study of the forest conditions of the state of Oklahoma and the agencies responsible for them.  A mounted display of fifty Oklahoma tree leaves properly identified will terminate the course.  Prerequisite:  General Biology (BIOL 1114), Principles of Biology (BIOL 1214), or General Botany (BOT 1114).