BA 1003 College Keyboarding 3-0-3

Hands-on training introduces students to “touch” keyboarding on the computer.  Instructor utilizes progressive exercises to develop accuracy and speed.  The course provides basic instruction to create documents in word processing.


BA 1121 Seminar in Business Management I  1-0-1

Plan of study includes career planning and job search. 


BA 1123 Introduction to Business 3-0-3

This course is designed to introduce and familiarize the student with a broad range of principles, concepts, and terminology relating to many areas of business.  The major topics covered include economics, accounting, management, manufacturing, business ownership, stocks and bonds, and starting and running a small business. Available at SSC, GCTC, and WWTC


BA 1221 Seminar in Business Management II  1-0-1

Topics include stress management techniques. 


BA 1223 Introduction to Economics  3-0-3

Introduction to Economics examines the structure and operation of the American Economic System.  This course provides an introduction to selected economic principles essential to the understanding of contemporary issues, which are emphasized.  It is not a substitute for BA 2113 or BA 2213. 


BA 1733 Business Math  3-0-3

Business Math is a review of the fundamental processes of mathematics, common and decimal fractions, and percentages.  It provides a study of trade, cash and bank discounts, simple and compound interest, sales tickets and billing, markup procedures, payrolls, social security and other taxes, installment buying, insurance, negotiable instruments, and graphs. Available at SSC, GCTC, and WWTC


BA 2113 Macroeconomics  3-0-3

Recommended course content topics include:  basic principles of demand and supply, national income, accounting, business cycles, inflation and unemployment, determinants of the level of output, employment and prices, money and banking, fiscal policy, monetary policy, economic growth, international trade and finance. OSRHE Matrix: BU 410


BA 2123 Small Business Management  3-0-3

Problems faced in the creation and early growth stages of business enterprises including accounting, finance, opportunity recognition, legal constraints, management, marketing, taxation, and procedural problems.  To solidify the concepts covered, students are often asked to create a plan for implementation and operation of a new business venture.  OSRHE Matrix: MG 005


BA 2132 Internship  2-0-2

Internship is a supervised work experience related to the student’s chosen technical-occupational field of study.  Each internship experience is designed in cooperation with the sponsoring company and the student to provide a practical application in the work environment.  Eligibility must be discussed with the sponsoring faculty member before enrolling.


BA 2133 Human Relations 3-0-3

Human Relations is a study of the relationship between employers and employees in the business workplace.  The focus is on individuals within organizations and how their habits, patterns, personal problems, actions and motives affect their job performance, morale and job satisfaction.  Emphasis is on employer-employee relations, including teamwork, group behavior and conflict management.


BA 2213 Microeconomics 3-0-3

Recommended course content topics include:  basic principles of demand and supply, elasticity, utility analysis, business organization, production and costs, market structures, factor market, government regulations, and international trade.   OSRHE Matrix: BU 420


BA 2223 Principles of Business Finance 3-0-3

This introductory course covers the various problems involved in the financing of a business firm.  Recommended course content topics include financial planning and forecasting, capital budgeting, time value of money, cost of capital, financial statement analysis, security valuation, risk analysis, capital structure theory, working capital management, business taxation, asset mix, and sources of capital.  Prerequisite include Principles of Accounting (6 hours) ACCT 2033 and ACCT 2123, Principles of Economics (6 hours) BA 2113 and BA 2213, and College Algebra (3 hours) MATH 1513. OSRHE Matrix: FN 002


BA 2233 Business Communications  3-0-3

Business Communications is a survey course of communications skills needed in the business environment.  Course content includes writing memoranda, letters, reports, resumes, and electronic messages; delivering oral presentations; and developing interpersonal skills.  Critical thinking and problem solving skills are emphasized.  Development of these skills is integrated with the use of technology. OSHE Matrix:  BC 001


BA 2243 Personal Finance 3-0-3

This introductory course covers the various problems of individual/consumer financial management. Recommended course content topics include personal budgeting, consumer loans and installment loans, credit cards and charge accounts, personal insurance, savings accounts, investments, social security, home ownership and purchase, commercial bank services, financial intuition services, personal taxes, wills, estate planning, retirement planning, career planning, financial planning, and leasing arrangements. Offered at SSC, GCTC and WWTC OSRHE Matrix: FN 001


BA 2253 Business Statistics 3-0-3

Business Statistics includes statistics (histograms, pie charts, pictograms, graphs, etc.); summary statistics (central tendency – mean, median, mode, variability – variance, standard deviation, range); basic probability concepts; statistical distributions; binomial distribution; normal distribution; distribution of the sample mean (proportion); confidence intervals; hypothesis testing (generally one population normal and binomial, and difference in means or proportions situations).  Emphasis is on business applications. Prerequisite: College Algebra MATH 1513.  OSRHE Matrix: ST 002


BA 2300 Special Problems in Business Administration  0-0-0

Special Problems in Business Administration can be one to four hours credit and may be repeated to a maximum of eight hours.  Project will be approved and supervised by instructor. 


BA 2403 Principles of Business Management  3-0-3

An introductory management course dealing with management theory and the fundamental principles of management including planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the basic processes. OSRHE Matrix:  MG 001


BA 2421 Seminar in Business Management III  1-0-1

Plan of study includes stock market processes. 


BA 2423 Business Ethics  3-0-3

This course is designed to explore aspects of ethical issues in business.  The concepts studied will include moral philosophy in the business world, the basis and organization of businesses, and the role of business in society.


BA 2431 Seminar in Business Management IV  1-0-1

Plan of study includes business ethics.


BA 2513 Principles of Marketing  3-0-3

Marketing Principles, a survey course for students who have prior coursework and understanding in business, includes a survey of all aspects of marketing: consumer behavior issues, products, pricing, distribution, promotion, research, strategy, and trends. OSRHE Matrix: MK 003