CHEM 1110 Introduction to Chemistry Lab

Required with CHEM 1114


CHEM 1114 Introduction to Chemistry 3-3-4

A study in chemistry for students who have not had high school chemistry or have a limited background in science.  The course is designed as an introduction to basic concepts in chemistry.  It is a preparatory course for improving the science background of students entering General Chemistry or who are pursuing a major where a science background is important.  This course will satisfy the Physical Science requirement.  Prerequisite:  1) One year High School Algebra, appropriate score on Intermediate Algebra Assessment Test and concurrent enrollment in MATH 0123, or  2) “C” or better in MATH 0113 and concurrent enrollment in MATH 0123.  OSRHE Matrix: CH 110


CHEM 1310 General Chemistry I Lab

Required with CHEM 1315


CHEM 1315 General Chemistry I  4-3-5

General Chemistry I is an introduction to the basic concepts and techniques of chemistry.  Students will be introduced to modern concepts and calculations in the areas of: Matter and Measurement; Atoms, Molecules, and Ions; Stoichiometry; Aqueous Reactions and Solution Chemistry; Thermochemistry; Electronic Structure of the Atom; Periodic Properties of the Elements; Chemical Bonding; Molecular Geometry and Bonding Theories. .   Prerequisite:  1) CHEM 1114, suitable score on Chemistry Placement Test and concurrent enrollment in or successful completion of MATH 1513, or 2) ACT Math Sub Score of 19 or Toledo Chemistry Test score of 25.   OSRHE Matrix: CH 140


CHEM 1510 General Chemistry II Lab

Required with CHEM 1515


CHEM 1515 General Chemistry II   4-3-5

General Chemistry II is a continuation of General Chemistry I, CHEM 1315, with emphasis upon: Gases; Intermolecular Forces; Properties of Solutions; Chemical Kinetics; Chemical Equilibrium; Acid-Base Equilibria; Chemical Thermodynamics.  Prerequisite:  CHEM 1315.  OSRHE Matrix: CH 150


CHEM 2200 Laboratory Techniques in Chemistry  Varies

Laboratory Techniques in Chemistry is an opportunity for the exceptional student to become acquainted with the laboratory equipment and its use.  The student will be expected to become proficient in assembling of said equipment and in preparing necessary reagents used in the lab.  The student will act as a laboratory assistant for at least one class for one semester.  Prerequisite:  A “B” in the course in which the student is to assist and permission from the instructor. 


CHEM 2224 Quantitative Analysis   2-4-4

Quantitative Analysis covers theory and practice in the determination of quantities of metals and radicals in unknown samples involving both gravimetric and volumetric methods, and includes principles of laboratory safety.  Prerequisite:  CHEM 1515.