CJ 1103 Introduction to Criminology  3-0-3

This course is an introduction to the systematic examination of the basic nature of crime. Emphasis is placed on extent, social foundations, police, courts, law, prisons, theories of punishment, theories of causation and efforts in prevention.OSRHE Matrix:  SS 033


CJ 1123 Introduction to Criminal Justice Systems  3-0-3

This course is an overview of the Criminal Justice System and the three traditional elements of the criminal justice system: police, courts and corrections as they pertain to adults and juveniles.  It provides an understanding of the participants and their roles in accomplishing the mission of the Criminal Justice System.OSRHE Matrix: CJ 101


CJ 1233 Adult Correctional Systems  3-0-3

This course is an overview of the historical development and a complete analysis of the entire adult corrections system. OSRHE Matrix: CJ 103


CJ 1143 Introduction to Law Enforcement  3-0-3

A study of basic information that will serve as an overview of the entire law enforcement field as well as a solid foundation for future Criminal Justice course work. The student will be introduced to the history of law enforcement in a democratic society; introduction to agencies involved in administration of Criminal Justice and its evolution up to the present. OSRHE Matrix: CJ 102


CJ 2100 Criminal Justice Seminars

Two Criminal Justice seminars are presented each semester. Each seminar is for two days, and can be taken for one hour academic credit if there is no conflict with the student’s regular enrollment. 


CJ 2203 Rules of Evidence 3-0-3

The collection and presentation of legal evidence is the foundation of justice. This course of study teaches students about the responsibility all peace officers have in the lawful collection and presentation of evidence, relevancy, materiality, weight, burden of proof, presumptions, types of evidence, judicial notice, evidentiary privileges, best evidence, opinion evidence, and hearsay evidence and its exceptions, recognizing that their duty is to secure conviction of the guilty and exoneration of the innocent. OSRHE Matrix: CJ 109


CJ 2243 Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation 3-0-3

A study of a criminal investigation, to what constitutes effective, efficient investigation and to the equipment, technology and procedures that facilitates investigations, including the theory and history conduct at a crime scene, and collection and presentation of evidence. The student will learn the basis of investigating crimes against the person and crimes against property. OSRHE Matrix: CJ 110


CJ 2253 Juvenile Justice Procedures  (Also SOC 2253)  3-0-3

This course provides an overview of the organization, function, and jurisdiction of the juvenile justice system;  methods of handling, processing and detention of juveniles; case disposition and court procedures. OSRHE Matrix: CJ 104


CJ 2300 Special Projects  Varies

Up to eight hours credit in special projects or work in the field of Criminal Justice is available.