ENGR 1113 Introduction to Engineering 3-0-3

Introduction to Engineering is required of all engineering majors in first enrollment.  This project-based course is an introduction  to engineering principles and disciplines, engineering design, problem-solving and computer aided drafting.  Students will be required to spend some time in the computer and engineering laboratory.


ENGR 2113 Rigid Body Mechanics  3-0-3

Students will study the Vector representation of forces and moments; general three dimensional theorems of statics, free bodies, two and three dimensional statically determinate frames, centroids and moments of inertia of areas.  This course also covers Absolute motion of a particle, motion of rigid bodies, rotating axes and the Coriolis component of acceleration, Newton’s laws applied to translating and rotating rigid bodies, principles of work and energy and impulse and moments in translation and rotation; moments of inertia of masses.  Prerequisite:  MATH 2424 or concurrent enrollment.


ENGR 2153 Strength of Materials 3-0-3

This course covers tension, compression, shear, mechanical behavior of materials, Hooke’s law;  Poisson’s ratio, axially loaded members, torsion, shear force and bending moment diagrams, shear and bending stresses in beams, transformation of stress and strain, stress from direct loading and biaxial and triaxal stress, combined loadings, beam deflections, statically indeterminate problems, buckling of columns and structural members of two materials.  Both differential and integral calculus for problem solutions are used liberally.  A substantial knowledge of statics is assumed.  Prerequisite:  ENGR 2113.


ENGR 2613 Electrical Science  3-0-3

Electrical Science covers electrical circuit components; AC and DC circuit analysis; mesh and nodal formulation of network equations; transient and steady state response to sinusoidal and step sources; Ohm’s and Kirchoff’s laws; Thevenin and Norton circuits; source transformations; energy, power, and power factors; the use of S PICE for circuit analysis (or equivalent computer package); Laplace Transform and matrix representations.  Prerequisite:  MATH 2424 or concurrent enrollment.