GPS 1110 General Physical Science Lab

Required with GPS 1114


GPS 1114 General Physical Science  3-2-4

General Physical Science provides a lecture, demonstration, discussion course with appropriate laboratory work.  This course is designed to help students understand and interpret the environment.  Basic principles will be presented in the field of physics, chemistry, meteorology, astronomy and geology.  This course is recommended for non-science majors.  Prerequisite:   1) one year high school algebra and appropriate score on Intermediate Algebra Assessment Test.  2) “C” or better in MATH 0113.  (Concurrent enrollment in MATH 0123 is recommended.)  OSRHE Matrix: GS 101


GPS 1214 Earth Science 3-2-4

This is a lecture/demonstration course with laboratory for non-majors.  This course presents concepts from the fields of geology, meteorology, and oceanography.  Prerequisite: The student must have an ACT Science Sub Score of at least 19 or earned a “C” or better in SCI 0113 Transitional Science.    


GPS1311 Laboratory Techniques in Varies Physical Sciences

Special Projects in Physical Sciences can be one to three hours credit.  It may be repeated to a maximum of three hours.  Projects will be in Physical Sciences, to include General Physical Science or Earth Science and must be approved by the instructor prior to enrollment.  Prerequisites:  Prior math and a "B" or better in a prior related physical science and instructor approval.