GOV 1023 Modern Political Systems  3-0-3

This course is an introduction to the study of the differences among political systems and political cultures, and the merits of comparative analysis. OSRHE Matrix: PS 204


GOV 1113 American National Government  3-0-3

This course studies the principles, structure, processes and functions of the United States Federal government.  Emphasis is placed on state origins, evolution of constitutionalism, and basic theories of American government. OSRHE Matrix: PS 101


GOV 1303 State and Local Government  3-0-3

This course is an introduction to the organization, structure functions, and administration of state and local governments. OSRHE Matrix: PS 207


GOV 2300 Special Projects in Government   Varies

This course is one to four credit hours.  It may be repeated to a maximum of eight hours of credit.  It may be offered as an independent study or group study course.


GOV 2013 Introduction to International Relations   3-0-3

This course studies the core theories and basic concepts that political scientists use to understand world politics.  Emphasis is placed on the different theoretical approaches, actors, and perspectives to International Relations, the historical context of contemporary International Relations, and on issues of war, national security, and globalization. OSRHE Matrix: PS 203


GOV 2403 American Political Parties  3-0-3

This course is an introductory study of the policy-making process and of American political institutions: the Presidency, Congress, the Judiciary, and the bureaucracy.  Also examines political processes and behavior including parties, elections, interest groups, public opinion , and the media.  OSRHE Matrix: PS 206