HIST 1063 Oklahoma History  3-0-3

Oklahoma History is a survey of Oklahoma’s development from pre-statehood to the present. OSRHE Matrix:  HS 007


HIST 1223 History of Native Americans to 1890  (Also NAS 1223)  3-0-3

American Indian tribal, individual, federal, state, local histories and analysis of American Indian histories to 1890. OSRHE Matrix: HS 010, AI 000


HIST 1243 History of Native Americans 1891 to Present  (Also NAS 1243)  3-0-3

American Indian tribal, individual, federal, state, local histories, and analysis of American Indian histories 1891 to present. OSRHE: AI 000, HS 010


HIST 1483 American History Survey to 1877  3-0-3

This course illustrates the beginnings of American democracy, its growth and the dilemmas posed by the sectional conflict. OSRHE Matrix: HS 005


HIST 1493 American History Survey since 1877 3-0-3

This course illustrates the transition of the United States from an agricultural to an industrial nation, from isolationism to world power and leader of the democratic system.  OSRHE Matrix: HS 006


HIST 2113 The American West   3-0-3

This course is a survey of the American West beginning with pre-history and continuing into European penetration and settlement through conquest.  The course stresses political, economic, and social development, and the emergence of the modern American West and its issues.  OSRHE Matrix: HS 014


HIST 2203 Native American History and Policy  (Also NAS 2203)   3-0-3

This course is a survey of the history of Native Americans in North America from before European contact to the present.  Emphasis is on the social, economic, political, and legal policies of the period, and their effects.  Other areas include the contributions of Native Americans to the development of American society.


HIST 2223 Western Civilization to 1660  (Also HUM 2223)  3-0-3

Western Civilization to 1660 covers the development of Western cultures from the Antiquity to the Medieval/Renaissance Era.  OSRHE: HS 001


HIST 2233 Modern Western Civilization from 1660 to Present   (Also HUM 2233)  3-0-3

Modern Western Civilization covers the continued development of civilization from 1660 to the present day with emphasis on the evolution and problems of the modern world.  OSRHE Matrix: HS 002


HIST 2300 Special Studies in History Varies

Students may take one to four hours credit with a maximum of eight hours possible.  Class may be taken for individual or group study. OSRHE Matrix: HS 055


HIST 2323 Social Science Issues as Perceived Through Movies  (Also HUM 2323)   3-0-3

This course will focus on important social and political issues in American History from the Civil War until the present, and in particular how these issues are perceived and interpreted through Hollywood movies. OSRHE Matrix: HS 017