*Note:  The following courses will satisfy the Humanities credit at SSC with an earned Associate Degree.  If you transfer without an Associate Degree courses may not transfer to your transfer institution.

        The following courses may also be accepted for Humanities credit:

        ANTH 2123
        ART 1153, 1163, 1203, 2323;
        ENG 2413, 2433, 2543, 2653, 2753, 2883;
        HIST 2223, 2233, 2323;
        JOUR 1123,
        MUS 1213; 1223;
        PHIL 1113;
        SPCH 1523


HUM 1123 Introduction to Mass Communication  (Also JOUR 1123)  3-0-3

Introduction to Mass Communication is the survey and history of mass communication theories and practices, including economics, social and political evolution and interrelationships of media with society. These studies will consider the development of the free press, its role in molding public opinion and the public’s changing expectations of the media. OSRHE Matrix: JR130


HUM 1523 Introduction to Theatre/Theatre Appreciation  (Also SPCH 1523)  3-0-3

Introduction to Theatre/Theatre Appreciation is a survey and analysis of theatre, history, literature and practices relating the relevance of the theatre as a social force. Theatre is examined from the perspectives of audience, playwright, director, actor and designers. OSRHE Matrix: HH08, TH353


HUM 2123 American Multiculturalism Through Film *  (Also ANTH 2123)  3-0-3    

American Multiculturalism Through Film illustrates the diverse multicultural aspects of American Society.   The course will focus on how various American sub-cultures have been perceived through film.    OSRHE Matrix: HH005


HUM 2153 Crime, Delinquency and Social Science Issues Through Film 3-0-3

This course illustrates the diverse levels of the criminal justice system to include delinquency and the social science issues crime generates and how Hollywood movies communicate ideas concerning crime and victimization


HUM 2223 Western Civilization to 1660 (Also HIST 2223) 3-0-3

Western Civilization to 1660 covers the development of Western cultures from Antiquity to the Medieval/Renaissance Era.  OSRHE Matrix: HS 001


HUM 2233 Modern Western Civilization  (Also HIST 2233) 3-0-3    

Modern Western Civilization covers the continued development of civilization from 1660 to the present day with emphasis on the evolution and problems of the modern world.  OSRHE Matrix: HH 002, HS 001


HUM 2323 Social Science Issues as Perceived Through Movies*  (Also HIST 2323) 3-0-3

Issues in Social Science as Perceived Through Hollywood Movies will focus on important social and political issues in American History from the Civil War until the present, and in particular how these issues are perceived and interpreted through movies.  OSRHE Matrix: HH 005, HS 017


HUM 2333 Leadership Development Through the Classics* 3-0-3

Leadership Development Through the Classics has as its central focus the development of leadership skills. The course is designed to provide a basic understanding of leadership and group dynamics theory and to assist the student in developing an awareness of the moral and ethical responsibilities of leadership and a personal philosophy of leadership. The course integrates readings from classic works of literature and modern leadership theory with experiential learning exercises, the viewing of films which deal with leadership styles and class discussions 


HUM 2413 Introduction to Literature*  (Also ENG 2413)  3-0-3

Introduction to Literature will introduce the student to literature and literary concepts, using poetry, short stories and plays. OSRHE Matrix: E003, HH003


HUM 2433 Survey of World Literature I*  (Also ENG 2433)  3-0-3

World Literature I is the study of cultural, philosophical, and religious themes from antiquity through the 1700s, especially as these ideas are represented in masterpieces of literature from around the world, readings focus on the social values in and various artists’ personal perceptions of ancient societies, including Greece, India, Africa, China, and others.OSRHE Matrix: E 008, HH 003


HUM 2543 Survey of English Literature I   (Also ENG 2543) 3-0-3

Survey of English Literature I links historical and artistic developments in a sampling of the best of English literary heritage.  Beginning with the Anglo-Saxon world, the course moves through the Middle Ages, the Early Modern Period and the Restoration and the Eighteenth Century.  OSRHE Matrix: E 006, HH 003


HUM 2653 Survey of English Literature II  (Also ENG 2653)  3-0-3     

Survey of English Literature II is a continuation of English 2543, examining the poetry of the Romantics from Wordsworth to Keats.It follows the writing of the Victorians to the perplexities of the Modern and Postmodern art and Literature.  OSRHE Matrix: E 007, HH 003


HUM 2753 Survey of American Literature I*  (Also ENG 2753)  3-0-3     

Survey of American Literature I is a chronological view of writers, contributing to literature in America from 1492-1865, with a diversity of genre and multicultural approaches.  This course examines the historical, social and cultural themes and implications of American literature, as well as literary form.   OSRHE Matrix: E004, HH003


HUM 2883 Survey of American Literature II*  (Also ENG 2883) 3-0-3     

Survey of American Literature II is a chronological view of writers, contributing to literature in America from 1865 to the present, with a diversity of genre and multicultural approaches.  This course will examine the historical, social and cultural themes and implications of American literature, as well as literary form. OSRHE Matrix: E005, HH003