JOUR 1103 Reporting I  2-2-3

Reporting I stresses, through reporting assignments and laboratory exercises, the writing of articles for print media. OSRHE Matrix: JR 002


JOUR 1123 Introduction to Mass Communication 3-0-3

Introduction to Mass Communication is a survey and history of mass communication theories and practices, including economics, social and political evolution of interrelationships of media with society.  These studies will consider the development of the free press, its role in molding public opinion and the public’s changing expectations of the media. OSRHE Matrix: JR 130


JOUR 1223 Black and White Photography I  2-2-3

(Also ART 1223)

This course will cover basic camera function – 33mm and digital single lens reflex. Film students will learn basic black and white film processing and printing. Digital students will study simple print manipulation and printing. Each student will compile a portfolio. Students are responsible for providing a camera and supplies. OSRHE Matrix: AA 024, JR 050


JOUR 2203 Black and White Photography II  2-2-3

(Also ART 2203)

This course will continue to develop student skills in the process, printing and media used in black and white photography. Student portfolio and presentation skills will be emphasized. Students are responsible for providing a camera and supplies. Prerequisite: JOUR 1223 OSRHE Matrix: AA 025, JR 052


JOUR 2300 Special Projects in Journalism or Photography

Special Projects in Journalism or Photography is one to four hours credit.  Projects may be in journalism or photography and require instructor approval prior to enrollment.