PSY 1103 Child Psychology 3-0-3

The course presents an introduction to the principles of child behavior and development as a function of time and context.  Cognitive, social and behavior issues are addressed in the contexts of parenting, school and community.  Issues of special education, special populations and observational measures are reviewed within an initial supervised applied practicum experience.


PSY 1113 General Psychology 3-0-3

The course presents an introduction to the scientific principles governing the major domains of human behavior and cognition and their application.  Ethical considerations are included.  The course is required in most states for all college majors. OSRHE Matrix: PY 101


PSY 1123 Psychology of Adjustment 3-0-3

The course presents a study of factors designed to promote behavior characteristics that reflect behavioral health.  Emphasis is placed on the development of positive behaviors rather than on correction of maladaptive behaviors. OSRHE Matrix: PY 108


PSY 2013 Personality Theories  3-0-3

The course exams personality processes and the various theoretical approaches to the study of personality, such as psychodynamic, behavioral, phenomenological, trait, and social learning theories. OSRHE Matrix: PY 104


PSY 2023 Developmental Psychology 3-0-3

A theoretical and research based course, with a prerequisite of Introduction to Psychology, offered at the 2000 level or above.  This course will cover social, emotional, physical and cognitive aspects of human development throughout the life span.  Application of current scientific data and theory in the real world of infants, children, adolescents, adults and geriatric populations are emphasized.  Prerequisite: PSY 1113 General Psychology, taken within the previous 10 years is recommended.  OSRHE Matrix: PY 103


PSY 2053 Social Psychology   3-0-3

A study of the psychological basis of social interaction and change, this course covers topics such as conformity, social influence, social cognition, prosocial behavior, prejudice, group processes, interpersonal attraction, and social comparison.  Prerequisite:  PSY 1113 and SOC 1113. OSRHE Matrix: PY 102 / SS 045


PSY 2123 Independent Study  Varies

This is an individual study, readings oriented, under supervision of appropriate faculty member.  It may be repeated for a maximum of 3 hours.  Prerequisite: PSY 1113 General Psychology; PSY 2023 Developmental Psychology and permission of the instructor.


PSY 2113 Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis 3-0-3

The course presents a review of the major theories of behavior modification and behavior management with emphasis on application of the basic learning principles.  Basic procedures of applied assessment, treatment and treatment outcomes are included. Prerequisite: PSY 1113 General Psychology, taken within the previous 10 years is recommended.  Methods taught in this course are appropriate to the helping professions as the introductory course in Behavior Modification..


PSY 2300 Special Projects in Psychology Varies

This is an independent or group study course on topic of special interest.  It is worth one to three credit hours available