NOTE: Students entering the college with curricular deficiencies must take SCI 0113 Transitional Science. All other students with ACT Science Sub-Test score below 19 are required to take the appropriate assessment test to determine appropriate science enrollment.


SCI  0110 Transitional Science Lab

Required with SCI 0113


SCI  0113 Transitional Science  2-2-0

An introductory laboratory course for students with limited background in the life and physical sciences, this course is designed to introduce the principles of Chemistry, Physics, and Biology with an emphasis on laboratory experience. It will meet the college admission requirement for science but will not satisfy the SSC Life Science or Physical Science requirements. A grade of “C” or better will advance the student to a college-level science course.


SCI 1113 Developmental Nutrition 3-0-3

This on-line course will introduce the student to basic nutritional information and discuss nutritional considerations for developmental stages of the human lifespan, special lifestyles, and special life situations.  The student will also explore trends in nutritional issues as they relate to health in the 21st century.  This course is not a replacement for BIOL 2113