SOC 1003 Personal and Academic Success Strategies (PASS) 3-0-3

This course, intended for new students, is designed to help students develop skills and knowledge that contribute to personal and academic success.  Students will learn the nature and purpose of education, ways in which higher education relates to them, academic and intellectual competencies, principles of goal-setting, career development, and decision-making.  Students will develop interpersonal relationship skills, a fuller sense of self-knowledge, a concept of wellness, and an integrated philosophy of life.


SOC 1101 Freshman Seminar 1-0-1

This Pass-No Pass course, which must be taken during the student's first semester at SSC, is designed to highlight those skills and knowledge most imminent for student success in college.  This includes academic expectations, study skills, self-knowledge, interpersonal relationship skills, and technical information for this campus.


SOC 1113 Introduction to Sociology 3-0-3

Introduction to Sociology is a survey of the field of Sociology. It provides an introduction to the basic terminology, and fundamentals of Sociology, theories and development of social institutions and social processes.  OSRHE Matrix: SS 001


SOC 2033 Sociology of Religion  3-0-3

A study of the functional significance of religion in society, focusing on beliefs and practices as they relate to other social institutions and the society as a whole.  OSRHE Matrix: SS 0067


SOC 2043 Human Sexuality 3-0-3

An introduction into the various components of human sexual response.


SOC 2053 Social Psychology   3-0-3

A study of the psychological basis of social interaction and change, this course covers topics such as conformity, social influence, social cognition, prosocial behavior, prejudice, group processes, interpersonal attraction, and social comparison. Prerequisite:  PSY 1113 and SOC 1113. OSRHE Matrix: PY 102 / SS 045


SOC 2123 Social Problems  3-0-3

Social Problems is an exploration of the nature of social issues in contemporary society and the consideration of agencies of solutions.  OSRHE Matrix: SS 031


SOC 2143 Marriage and Family  3-0-3

This course is an exploration of the patterns and purposes of courtship in the United States, an insight into early adjustments in marriage and the development of family life. OSRHE Matrix: SS 008


SOC 2300 Special Projects in Sociology Varies

Special Projects in Sociology is worth one to four credit hours available.  Independent or group study course on a topic of special interest in Sociology. OSRHE Matrix: SS 049, SS 050


SOC 2273 Introduction to Social Work 3-0-3

Provides student with an overview of social work as a profession, and its historical development, and knowledge, values and skills for practice. Informed sensitivity to all aspects of human diversity is emphasized and the advocacy role of social workers with oppressed and devalued populations.  History, development, and philosophy of the social welfare institution in U.S. society and the role of the profession are explored.  Pre-requisite: Sophomore standing.