SPCH 1143 Introduction to Communication    3-0-3

Introduction to Communication deals with the principles and techniques of preparing for participating and evaluating communication behavior at the interpersonal and public level.  Prerequisite: For International students; ENG 1113 and ENG 1213. OSRHE Matrix: SP020


SPCH 1523 Introduction to Theatre/Theatre Appreciation  (Also HUM 1523)  3-0-3

Introduction to Theatre/Theatre Appreciation is a survey and analysis of theatre history, literature and practices relating the relevance of the theatre as a social force. Theatre is examined from the perspectives of audience, playwright, director, actor and designers.   This course satisfies a Seminole State College humanities requirement. OSRHE Matrix: HH008, TH353


SPCH 1533 Acting I  3-0-3

Acting I is designed to acquaint the beginning actor with the fundamentals of acting.  This course explores the physical, vocal, emotional, and technical aspects of the actor’s craft.OSRHE Matrix: TH513


SPCH 2203 Small Group Communication  3-0-3

Small Group Communication focuses on enhancing student understanding of and skills for participating in small group interaction. This course will address various aspects of task and social dimensions of group processes, such as group development, leadership, and verbal and nonverbal communication strategies. Recommended Prerequisite: SPCH 1143 OSRHE Matrix: SP040


SPCH 2231 Theatrical Production  0-2-1

Theatrical Production is laboratory work in departmental production in any production activity.  Three hours lab work for each one hour of credit per week is required.  This class will focus on the production of one play, chosen by the students, per semester.  OSRHE Matrix: TH311


SPCH 2243 Oral Interpretation 3-0-3

Oral Interpretation is the theory and practice of the art of interpreting to an audience from the printed page, works of literature in their intellectual, emotional, and aesthetic entirety.OSRHE Matrix: SP070, TH553


SPCH 2300 Special Projects in Speech  Varies

Special Projects in Speech is one to four credit hours. The course may be repeated to a maximum of eight hours and may be repeated to a maximum of eight hours and may be an independent or group study.