Seminole State College is committed to work closely with individuals, groups and the larger community to identify their needs and desires and to initiate programs to serve them.


Business & Industry


 The Business and Industry program was developed to offer specific training needs of local business and industry. The program has grown to include several General Education offerings.  The program’s goals are to offer prompt response to training needs; courses at nontraditional times, as well as traditional times; training for companies of all sizes; and hands-on training using the latest technology and techniques.


Training provided by SSC is based on the true needs of employees and offered at the time of need. Most of these courses are short courses based on a total of 16 clock hours. The courses are offered as a one-college credit course and all courses can be modified to meet specific training needs. Courses also are available in the areas of continuing education credit for such professional fields as CLEET training, real estate, and insurance.


Many of the courses offered through the Business and Industry Training Department complement the Business and Information Systems Division with flexible scheduling and training that may be taught on-site. Tuition and fees vary per course.


Community Service


The Seminole State College community service program is implemented through noncredit work including short courses, workshops, lectures, and seminars addressing the goals of the program. Some of the work is directed toward assisting individuals to gain knowledge, awareness, and understanding or to improve job skills. Some activities are designed to assist in filling leisure time, learning new hobbies, or learning for the enjoyment of learning.


Many of the community service courses are scheduled as highly concentrated short-term activities during the evenings or on weekends for individuals who work or provide for families during the day.  Some previously successful community service activities include banking seminars, photography, creative writing, real estate seminars, law enforcement seminars, aerobic exercise, country/western dance, aquatic exercise, cake decorating, and cowboy poetry.


Each semester, some ongoing offerings are listed in class schedule bulletins, but many seminars and workshops are arranged following the printing of the class schedules.  Information about current community service offerings is available through the Vice President of Institutional Advancement.



Fees for Community Service Offerings


A Community Service Course Fee applies only to those courses that have been identified as Community Service.  A discounted fee structure applies for senior citizens enrolled in selected community service offerings. For more information about eligibility for the discount, contact the Office of Admissions.


After the first class meeting, individuals enrolled in a community service class cannot switch to another class with a transfer of fees. The policy of the College requires that the student drop the first course, enroll in the new course, and make fee payment for the new course separately.



Refund Procedure on Community Service Enrollments

(Subject to Change)


 If a student cannot attend a community service course, if a student is dissatisfied with a community service course, or if the college finds it necessary to cancel a community service course due to low enrollment levels, then the following refund procedures apply:


  1. Full refund if the course is cancelled.
  2. Full refund if enrollment is withdrawn before the first class meeting.
  3. No refund after the second class meeting (or after the only meeting of the course).
  4. No refund to those who enroll late under the reduced fee schedule.


All refunds are made by college check and will be mailed to the address given by the student at the time of enrollment.