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Cooperative Alliance Agreement in Nursing


  1. A student that is co-enrolled at Seminole State College, Gordon Cooper Technology Center, or Wes Watkins Technology Center’s Practical Nursing Program may be awarded credit for 1) NURS 1515 Introduction to Human Dimensions, (2) NURS 1552 Skills and Clinical Intervention Lab, (3) NURS 2423 Medical Terminology, (4) ANAT 1113 Introduction to Human Anatomy, and (5) BIOL 2113 Introduction to Nutrition.
  2. A candidate must comply with the following Standards for Admission into the Nursing Program
                            a. ACT score of 19 (taken within the last 5 years.)
                            b. Nelson-Denny Reading Test score of 15 (taken within the last 3 years.)
                            c. College G.P.A. of 3.0 in 12 hours applicable to the Nursing Degree.
  3. A candidate may be awarded advanced standing credit through the Career Mobility Program for
    OPT 1: in (1) NURS 1616 Survey of Human Dimensions and (2) 1552 Skills and Clinical Intervention Lab
  4. OR credit for
    OPT 2: in (1) NURS 1616 Survey of Human Dimensions and (2) 1552 Skills and Clinical Intervention Lab (3) NURS 1421 Health Deviations I and (4) NURS 1528 Nursing Across the Lifespan.


    To be eligible to make application, the candidate must have graduated from Gordon Cooper Technology Center or Wes Watkins Technology Center’s Practical Nursing Program, be licensed by a State Board of Nursing, and comply with all admission requirements. Also, OPT 2 candidates must meet challenge examinations requirements (HESI II competency Exam)


  5. A candidate will be required to pass NURS 1513 Introduction to Associate Degree Nursing. This “bridging course” is designed to familiarize the advanced standing candidate with the major themes and philosophy of the Seminole State College nursing curriculum, with primary emphasis on application of the nursing process. Completion of this course enables the faculty to assess and determine best placement in the appropriate Program option.
  • Option 1: Granted advanced standing for 1st semester nursing courses.            
  • Option 2: Granted advanced standing for 1st year nursing courses.
  • Option 3: Granted admission to the Excel-erated Transitional Track.



Degree Requirements

NOTE: Students in Option 3 have different course requirements


General Education Requirements - 18 hours


3 Hours  ENG 1113 Principles of English Comp I
3 Hours  ENG 1213 Principles of English Comp II
3 Hours  PSY 1113 General Psychology
3 Hours  HIST 1483 American History Survey to 1877 OR
              HIST 1493 American History Survey since 1877
3 Hours GOV 1113 American National Government
3 Hours ###  ---3  Social Science or Psychology Elective



Occupational Specialty Courses - 40 hours


6 Hours NURS 1616 Intro to Human Dimensions*
2 Hours NURS 1552 Skills & Clinical Intervention Lab *
8 Hours NURS 1528 Nursing Across the Lifespan*
1 Hours NURS 1421 Health Deviations I*
9 Hours NURS 2519 Nursing Care in Health Disruption*
1 Hours NURS 2521 Health Deviations II
9 Hours NURS 2529 Nursing Care in Health, Maintenance and Promotion
1 Hours NURS 2531 Health Deviations III

3 Hours NURS 2623 Nursing Capstone



Occupational Support Courses - 14-16 hours


4 Hours BIOL 1214 Principles of Biology
4 Hours BIOL 2214 Physiology
4 Hours ANAT 2114 Human Anatomy

2-4 Hours of Microbiology (may substitute MICR2224 for NURS1222)


TOTAL HOURS REQUIRED FOR DEGREE: 72-74 (51 minimum hours required if all possible advanced standing is granted)



Note: *advanced standing possible