Supportive Safety Measures


Seminole State's priority is to make victims feel safe in their environment. Many times, students may need support in various aspects of their lives after a traumatic experience. Student Conduct and the Title IX Coordinator can put in place interim measures for student victims of sexual violence as needed. A formal complaint does not need to be submitted to have interim measures put in place; students should simply reach out to Student Conduct or the Title IX coordinator to receive help. The college will maintain confidentiality to the extent possible. Some of these measures can be put in place for the respondent as well. Read below to learn more about possible interim measures you may be able to obtain.




When Student Conduct or the Title IX Coordinator becomes aware of a student who could potentially be a victim of sexual violence, they will contact the victim through Seminole State College email to share these potential interim measures, reporting options and other resources available. This will be done no matter the location of the incident.


If you need or would like to learn more about potential safety measures, stop by the Student Conduct office at Walkingstick Student Services #120, call 405-382-9272, or email  or Title IX Coordinator Leslie Sewell in the Raymond Harbor Fieldhouse(Gym) 405-382-9541 or