Americans With Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA)


  Employees with disabilities have the right to:


  • Equal access to programs, services, jobs, activities, and facilities offered through the College;
  • An equal opportunity to work, learn, and to receive reasonable accommodations;
  • Appropriate confidentiality of all information regarding their disability and to choose to whom, outside of the College, information will be disclosed except as disclosures are required or permitted by law;
  • Information, reasonably available in accessible formats.


Employees with disabilities have the responsibility to:


  • Meet qualifications and maintain essential institutional standards for courses, programs, services, jobs, activities, and facilities;
  • Identify as an individual with a disability when an accommodation is needed and to seek information, counsel, and assistance as necessary;
  • Document, from an appropriate professional, how the disability limits their participation in courses, programs, services, jobs, activities, and facilities;
  • Follow Human Resources instruction for obtaining reasonable accommodation.


Seminole State College has the right to:


  • Identify and establish essential functions, abilities, skills, knowledge, and standards for courses, programs, services, jobs, activities, and facilities and to evaluate faculty and staff on this basis;
  • Request and receive, through the Human Resources, current documentation that supports requests for accommodations;
  • Deny a request for accommodation if the documentation demonstrates that the request is not warranted or supported by the documentation;
  • Select among equally effective accommodations through an interactive process;
  • Refuse an unreasonable accommodation that imposes undue hardship.


Seminole State College has the responsibility to:


  • Provide information to faculty and staff with disabilities in an accessible format upon request;
  • Ensure that courses, programs, services, jobs, activities, and facilities, when viewed in their entirety, are available and usable in the most integrated and appropriate settings;
  • Evaluate faculty, staff, and job applicants on their abilities and not their disabilities;
  • Provide or arrange reasonable accommodations;
  • To maintain appropriate confidentiality of records and communication, except where permitted or required by law.





Seminole State College declares and affirms to its students, employees, and to the public that it is committed to an environment of equity, equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion through the administration of its recruitment policies, admissions policies, educational policies, employment and promotion policies, scholarship and loan programs, and all other College administered programs and activities.   Seminole State College prohibits discrimination against individuals on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, gender, age, marital status, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, status as a veteran or special disabled veteran, genetic information, disability, or any other prohibited characteristic.  In order to assure that equal opportunity is afforded to all students, employees, and applicants, Seminole State College has implemented an Equal Employment Opportunity / Affirmative Action Program.