Vehicle packets are available for pickup between 8:00a.m. - 4:00p.m. in the Fiscal Affairs area, unless other arrangements have been made.

Please return vehicle packets to Fiscal Affairs during business hours.  If after hours, please return them to the maintenance building mail drop.


Use of Vehicles:


ONLY College employees or those who have been approved and authorized as volunteers will be able to drive a state vehicle.  Please plan on 3-5 days in advance for approvals.


To reserve a SSC vehicle send inquiries  SSC Vehicle Request Form


SSC Travel Guidelines



Travel References of Authority



Travel Forms



Reference: Oklahoma Statutes, Title 47, Sections 156 & 156.1



State Owned Vehicles (Usage)


No vehicle owned or used by Seminole State College shall be permitted to carry any person other than students, faculty members, employees, or volunteers of SSC unless the transportation of the passengers is job-related and necessary to carry out the functions of the duties assigned for the benefits of the College.


No SSC official, officer, or employee shall ride to or from his place of residence in a state-owned vehicle except in the performance of his official duty, or to use any such vehicle for other personal or private purposes.


Any persons convicted of violating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine of not more than One Hundred dollars ($100.00) or by imprisonment in the county jail for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days, or both said fine and imprisonment and in addition thereto, shall be discharged from state employment.



Driver Responsibility


ONLY drivers with a valid driver license are permitted to drive state vehicles. If an employee drives or operates a state vehicle with an invalid driver license, e.g. revoked, suspended, expired, etc., said employee may be deemed uninsurable by the Risk Management Division of the Department of Central Services and any losses incurred under such conditions shall be borne by the employee. 


Drivers are prohibited from operating a vehicle if under the influence of alcohol, any other intoxicating substance other than alcohol or combination thereof (includes any drug or narcotic prescribed by doctor or otherwise), that might affect his/her ability to drive or operate the vehicle. (47 O.S. §11-902). 


Drivers will not text message or view e-mail or text messages while operating a vehicle (Executive Order 2010-06). 


Drivers will not smoke in state vehicles. (63 O.S. §1-1523).



State Owned Vehicles (Liability Insurance)


Employees using a state owned vehicle will be covered for liability under the State’s Motor Vehicle Liability Policy only when the vehicle is being used for State business and the employee is acting within the scope of their authority and employment.


Personal Vehicles (Liability Insurance)


Any employee authorized to use their personal vehicle for State business, must have liability insurance in force.  All drivers are required to purchase liability insurance.  Employees must purchase and have proof at all times of liability insurance to protect them both when using their vehicle for State and personal use.  Each Agency Director, Manager, Supervisor, etc. must have verification of:  


  1. Liability Insurance in force.
  2. Valid Oklahoma Driver’s License