ID Card Office:

 Ben & Bonnie Walkingstick Student Services Center


Phone #:  405-382-9715


Staff:  Student Affairs








SSCOK Card MasterCard Debit Fees


Seminole State College and Herring Bank have teamed up to offer you a convenient, one-card solution with the SSCOK Card.  The SSCOK Card is a MasterCard Debit Student ID which allows you free access to Herring Bank ATMs and to make no-fee purchases at merchant locations that accept MasterCard or pin-based transactions.  It’s the easy way to access cash and make purchases on and off campus.


Free    Monthly fee                                                               

Free    Cash Withdrawal at Herring Bank ATM                

Free    Merchandise Purchase Signature                           

Free    Merchandise Purchase PIN                                     

Free    Balance Inquiry at Herring Bank ATM                   

$1.50   Withdrawal at Non-Herring Bank ATM                

$1.00   Balance Inquiry at Non-Herring Bank ATM         





Online Deposits

Parents and/or students can transfer funds from an existing bank account using our ONLINE DEPOSITS link on


Payroll Direct Deposit

Present your routing and account numbers to your employer.  Your routing number is 111302846.  You can obtain your account number by calling 1-866-348-3435.


Direct Deposit Designation

Student financial aid disbursements and all other refunds will be direct deposited to your SSCOK Card account unless otherwise instructed by the student. 


To sign up for your refund to be deposited to a bank account other than your SSCOK Card, go to  Campus Connect, click on Designate Direct Deposit and follow instructions.


Financial Aid Disbursements

Your SSCOK Card account will be the default account for all Seminole State College student disbursements.

If you would like to designate a different account for your direct deposits, you may do so through Campus Connect.