Results are separated by Division I or II  and then organized by Test then sorted by placement (1st place, 2nd place, etc.). 

In each division the school that accumulates the most points is awarded a sweepstakes trophy.  Points are awarded by placing in a test. 1st place=5 points, 2nd place=4 points, 3rd place=3 points, 4th place=2 points, 5th place=1 point.


In Division I   Tahlequah was the overall winner with 54 points and Plainview was runner up with 45 points.

In Dvision II   Crossing Christian was the overall winner with 83 points.  Roff was runner up with 55 points.


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Past Interscholastic Meet Test Results


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2012 Division 1


Test Place School First Name Last Name
Accounting 1 Tecumseh Jacob Jones
Accounting 2 Kingston Abi Reynolds
Accounting 3 Jones Courtney Jones
Accounting 4 Holdenville Josiah Nyberg
Accounting 5 Latta Jacie Sellers
Algebra 1 1 Latta Cullen Edens
Algebra 1 2 Jones Michael  Lane
Algebra 1 3 Tecumseh Morgan  McCoy
Algebra 1 4 Plainview Hope Salzman
Algebra 1 5 Watonga Caleb Smith
Algebra 2 1 Tahlequah Cassie  Goodnight
Algebra 2 2 Latta Shade  Kindrick
Algebra 2 3 Byng Neil  Jorgensen
Algebra 2 4 Tahlequah Amy  Hembree
Algebra 2 5 Latta Tyler  Whitney
American Literature 1 Bethel Samantha Grider
American Literature 2 Latta Matthew Wilkins
American Literature 3 Latta Cody  Williams
American Literature 4 Liberty Academy Blake Yort
American Literature 5 Chandler Andrea Gimondo
Biology 1 Kingston Ben Whipkey
Biology 2 Tahlequah Chris Compton
Biology 3 Plainview Zac Weaver
Biology 4 Tecumseh Tim Sains
Biology 5 Kingston Deranda Beasley
Chemistry 1 Byng Daniel McClain
Chemistry 2 Tahlequah Chris Compton
Chemistry 3 Tahlequah Kailey Perry
Chemistry 4 Plainview Zac Weaver
Chemistry 5 Meeker Bobby Marshall
Civics 1 Bristow Dallas Wilson
Civics 2 Bethel Luke Ball
Civics 3 Seminole Destine  O'Brien
Civics 4 Seminole Jesse  Holleman
Civics 5 Plainview Chance Johnson
Computer Science 1 Plainview Riley Baird
Computer Science 2 Byng Caleb McGaha
Computer Science 3 Byng Dalton Butler
Computer Science 4 Byng Chase  Henley
Computer Science 5 Morris Parker Torbett
English Literature 1 Plainview Ziying Lei
English Literature 2 Latta Kruz  Anderson
English Literature 3 Shawnee Destiny Crowley
English Literature 4 Chandler Andrea Gimondo
English Literature 5 Latta Katelyn Oltmans
General Business 1 Latta Cody  Williams
General Business 2 Plainview Jantzen Faulkner
General Business 3 Shawnee Zachary Bivings
General Business 4 Plainview Cameron Hanan
General Business 5 Morris Brent  Hall 
Geography 1 Kingston Justice Adair
Geography 2 Meeker Bobby Marshall
Geography 4 Kingston Mason Whipkey
Geography 5 Byng Trevor Reed
Geometry (Plane) 1 Tahlequah Cassie  Goodnight
Geometry (Plane) 2 Meeker Aaron Frerichs
Geometry (Plane) 3 Meeker Clay Davis
Geometry (Plane) 4 Vanoss Morgan McDonald
Geometry (Plane) 5 Plainview Cooper Little
Grammar 1 Seminole Kirby  Mills
Grammar 2 Bristow Meridith Corwin
Grammar 3 Plainview Riley Baird
Grammar 4 Seminole Brandon  Mills
Grammar 5 Tahlequah Chris Compton
Health-Wellness 1 Liberty Academy Miranda VanMeter
Health-Wellness 2 McLoud Patrick Boyle
Health-Wellness 3 Liberty Academy Gabbi Licklider
Health-Wellness 4 Morris Kendra  Fitzl
Health-Wellness 5 Kingston Caleb McDonald
Journalism 1 Bristow Cara Johnson
Journalism 2 Konawa Preslee Melton
Journalism 3 Plainview Leslie Lodes
Journalism 4 Kingston Robbie Bunger
Journalism 5 Latta Macie Snowden
Oklahoma History 1 Byng Trevor Reed
Oklahoma History 2 Shawnee Evan Shebester
Oklahoma History 3 Little Axe Boyd Serena
Oklahoma History 4 Jones Samantha  Barclay
Oklahoma History 5 Little Axe Berna Isaiah
Physical Science 1 Shawnee Tanner Rippee
Physical Science 2 Shawnee Joeseph White
Physical Science 3 Jones Braeden Arnold
Physical Science 4 Plainview Braydon Stricker
Physical Science 5 Tahlequah Kalie Champlain
Physics 1 Tahlequah Chris Compton
Physics 2 Liberty Academy Mark Diehl
Physics 3 Bristow Caitlyn Stice
Physics 4 Plainview Zac Weaver
Physics 5 Liberty Academy Blake Yort
Psychology 1 Liberty Academy Miranda VanMeter
Psychology 2 Tahlequah Pamela  McKee
Psychology 3 McLoud Caitlyn Colvert
Psychology 4 Liberty Academy Hunter Hudson
Psychology 5 Bristow Launi Miller
Reading 1 Bethel Samantha Grider
Reading 2 Meeker Anna Jones
Reading 3 Tahlequah Pamela  McKee
Reading 4 Prague Zach Hunter
Reading 5 Latta Kruz  Anderson
Spanish 1 1 Tahlequah Jocelyn Hall-Justen
Spanish 1 2 Morris Cory  Abernathy
Spanish 1 3 Plainview Riley Baird
Spanish 1 4 Latta Tyler  Whitney
Spanish 1 5 Tahlequah Amy  Hembree
Spanish 2 1 Tahlequah Parker
Spanish 2 2 Little Axe Gregory Alyssa
Spanish 2 3 Byng Dylan  West
Spanish 2 4 Little Axe Travis Calandra
Spanish 2 5 Bristow Caitlyn Stice
Trigonometry 1 Byng Daniel McClain
Trigonometry 2 Plainview Brycen Newell
Trigonometry 3 Plainview Clayton Worsham
Trigonometry 4 Tecumseh Seth States
Trigonometry 5 Kingston Deranda Beasley
United States History 1 Byng Caleb McGaha
United States History 2 Bristow Matt Shockley
United States History 3 Bristow Dallas Wilson
United States History 4 Chandler Andrea Gimondo
United States History 5 Little Axe Pence Amanda
Vocabulary 1 Shawnee Destiny Crowley
Vocabulary 2 Latta Kruz  Anderson
Vocabulary 3 McLoud Patrick Boyle
Vocabulary 4 Tahlequah Kailey Perry
Vocabulary 5 Latta Claire Chandler
World History 1 Byng Neil  Jorgensen
World History 2 Tahlequah Wyatt Hammond
World History 3 Byng Dylan  West
World History 4 Bethel Andrew Kinnamon
World History 5 Konawa Jazmine  Yahola



2012 Division 2


Test Place School First Name Last Name
Accounting 1 Roff Hunter Thompson
Accounting 2 Moss Brandi Fletcher
Accounting 3 Roff Jordan  Grinstead
Accounting 4 Moss Cody McCoy
Accounting 5 Asher Nichole Cannon
Algebra 1 1 Weleetka Stephanie  Zackery
Algebra 1 2 Agra Joseph Korn
Algebra 1 3 Butner Shyla Mulford
Algebra 1 4 Agra Jacob Carter
Algebra 1 5 Allen Tessa Black
Algebra 2 1 Allen Jordan Remis
Algebra 2 2 Butner Ariana Canhasi
Algebra 2 3 Crossings Christian School Robert Ellis
Algebra 2 4 Mason Eujin Bai
Algebra 2 5 Butner Ardita Canhasi
American Literature 1 Strother Reagan Coates
American Literature 2 Strother Allison Hanan
American Literature 3 Varnum Heather Satawake
American Literature 4 Wetumka Caitlin Coachman
American Literature 5 Strother Morgan Stevahn
Biology 1 Earlsboro Billy Andrew
Biology 2 Crossings Christian School Julian Smith
Biology 3 Crossings Christian School Candace Osterhout
Biology 4 Sasakwa Nicole Tucker
Biology 5 Calvin Jeremiah Wiley
Chemistry 1 Crossings Christian School Derek Richards
Chemistry 2 Allen Josh Remis
Chemistry 3 Asher Brandon Boles
Chemistry 4 Crossings Christian School Abigail Stewart
Chemistry 5 Mason Megan  Goff
Civics 1 Varnum Shea Stone
Civics 2 Varnum Karina Tarpey
Civics 3 Varnum Tyler Miller
Civics 4 Roff Nick Gordon
Civics 5 Mason Stephanie Britton
Computer Science 1 Crossings Christian School Brennen Mayfield
Computer Science 2 Macomb Dallas Kirkpatrick
Computer Science 3 Asher Taylor Brady
Computer Science 4 Asher Nichole Cannon
Computer Science 5 Mason Guftin  Moore
English Literature 1 Allen Chelsea Holland
English Literature 2 Mason Megan  Goff
English Literature 3 Agra Dillon Watkins
English Literature 4 Earlsboro Brandon Parker
English Literature 5 Macomb Errick Annanders
General Business 1 Mason Erin Flanagan
General Business 2 Asher Taylor Brady
General Business 3 Roff Shane Wise
General Business 4 Mason Stephanie Britton
General Business 5 Mason Taylor Thomas
Geography 1 Macomb Coleman Reynolds
Geography 2 Asher Alex Merchain
Geography 3 Macomb Blake Merrit
Geography 4 Varnum Austin Long
Geography 5 Roff Dakota Schafer
Geometry (Plane) 1 Allen Josh Remis
Geometry (Plane) 2 Crossings Christian School Grant Wilkinson
Geometry (Plane) 3 Weleetka Casey Shannon
Geometry (Plane) 4 Varnum Dennis Sims
Geometry (Plane) 5 Macomb Katlyn Melton
Grammar 1 Weleetka Casey Shannon
Grammar 2 Crossings Christian School Julian Smith
Grammar 3 Macomb David Louden
Grammar 4 Weleetka Kylie Williamson
Grammar 5 Allen Morgan  Beavert
Health-Wellness 1 Roff Micah Gross
Health-Wellness 2 Roff JJ  Stewart
Health-Wellness 3 Varnum Savannah Lincoln
Health-Wellness 4 Strother Yasmeen Martinez
Health-Wellness 5 Asher Michael Beleele
Journalism 1 Roff Karly  Hedges
Journalism 2 Sasakwa Aaron Choate
Journalism 3 Moss Maddie Moss
Journalism 4 Sasakwa Tiffany Epley
Journalism 5 Moss TJ Morrison
Oklahoma History 1 Varnum Austin Long
Oklahoma History 2 Crossings Christian School Londyn Cole
Oklahoma History 3 Moss Hattie Starry
Oklahoma History 4 Roff Cole Wyche
Oklahoma History 5 Strother Logan Gray
Physical Science 1 Crossings Christian School Grant Wilkinson
Physical Science 2 Calvin Jeremiah Wiley
Physical Science 3 Crossings Christian School Brett Szymanski
Physical Science 4 Strother Scott Blewett
Physical Science 5 Allen Jordan Remis
Physics 1 Mason Guftin  Moore
Physics 2 Roff Kelley Casey
Physics 3 Macomb Brandi Turner
Physics 4 Roff Kelsey Anderson
Physics 5 Mason Jerrod  Moore
Psychology 1 Mason Shane  Looker
Psychology 2 Roff Micah Gross
Psychology 3 Agra Jake Fisher
Psychology 4 Agra Matt McEntire
Psychology 5 Roff JJ  Stewart
Reading 1 Crossings Christian School Gabriella Knight
Reading 2 Weleetka Stephanie  Zackery
Reading 3 Sasakwa Sunny Stephens
Reading 4 Crossings Christian School Shelby Wilkinson
Reading 5 Mason Megan  Goff
Spanish 1 1 Crossings Christian School Abigail Stewart
Spanish 1 2 Roff Kendall Sanford
Spanish 1 3 Calvin Emma Craven
Spanish 1 4 Moss Rachel Vance
Spanish 1 5 Varnum Katy Cordell
Spanish 2 1 Roff Yesenia Lomas
Spanish 2 2 Crossings Christian School Shelby Wilkinson
Spanish 2 3 Crossings Christian School Gabriella Knight
Spanish 2 4 Davenport Myles Melson
Spanish 2 5 Davenport Hunter Lyon
Trigonometry 1 Crossings Christian School Derek Richards
Trigonometry 2 Crossings Christian School Shelby Wilkinson
Trigonometry 3 Asher Michael Linn
Trigonometry 4 Varnum Hailey Harjo
Trigonometry 5 Roff Natosha Logsdon
United States History 1 Crossings Christian School Brett Szymanski
United States History 2 Weleetka Ben Baber
United States History 3 Varnum Shannon Lincoln
United States History 4 Varnum Heather Satawake
United States History 5 Crossings Christian School Grant Wilkinson
Vocabulary 1 Allen Morgan  Beavert
Vocabulary 2 Roff Dakota Schafer
Vocabulary 3 Weleetka Cody  Parrick
Vocabulary 4 Mason Shane  Looker
Vocabulary 5 Earlsboro Chelsea Foster
World History 1 Davenport Michael  Worthy
World History 2 Crossings Christian School Derek Richards
World History 3 Macomb Joshua Browning
World History 4 Crossings Christian School Shelby Wilkinson
World History 5 Crossings Christian School Gabriella Knight



2012 Art and Photography Awards


Division 1

Art Awards


Best of Show

   Jessica Ryan                  Plainview

    Katie Long                   Meeker



Black & White Drawing

1st    Samantha Myers      Shawnee

2nd   Jocelyn Hall-Justen  Tahlequah

3rd   Amy Higdon            Tecumseh


Honorable Mention Black/White Draw

    Dylan Robitaille            Tecumseh

    Gabielle Burks              Kingston


Colored Drawing

1st    Courtney Hutchins       Shawnee

2nd   Jocelyn Hall-Justen      Tahlequah

3rd   Kaitlin Nootbar            Prague


Honorable Mention Color Drawing

   Jasmine Yahola              Konawa

   Madelin Hecker             Prague



1st   Amy Young              Shawnee 

2nd  Casey Thoma           Shawnee

3rd  Laura Bentley           Tecumseh


Honorable Mention Sculpture

   Caitlin Woodall              Prague

   Courtney Hutchins         Shawnee



1st   Ashley Houchin       Plainview 

2nd  Amy Young            Shawnee  

3rd   Madison Bayless    Jones


Honorable Mention Painting

    Hannah Perky            Jones

    Brittney Nicole           Seminole




Division 2

Art Awards


Best of Show

    Caitlyn Byran              Earlsboro

    Cameron Shivers         Crossings

    Candace Osterhout     Crossings 



1st   Katelyn Cook          Earlsboro

2nd  Kyle Dyer               Wetumka

3rd Roxanne Nunnelley   Varnum


Honorable Mention Black/White Draw

    Trevor Morris             Sasakwa

     Bleven Determan        Crossings



1st   Cameron Shivers       Crossings

2nd  Sam Clark                 Crossings

3rd  Katelyn Cook            Earlsboro


Honorable Mention Painting

    Candace Osterhout       Crossings



1st    Ashley Preston           Wetumka

2nd   Ethan Blagg                Crossings

3rd    Dakota Bradshaw      Davenport




Open Show


Best of Show Black/White

    Jenna Hatler             Macomb


Best of Show  Color Portrait

    Joseph White      Shawnee


Best of Show Color Landscape

    Korbyn Tillery     Tecumseh



Black & White Photography

1st  Lacey James           Chandler 

2nd  Jeffrey Terronez     Chandler

3rd  Rebecca Young     Shawnee


Honorable Mention Black/White

    Blake Merritt           Macomb

    Yesha Patel             Chandler


Colored Portrait

1st    David Standfield   Kingston

2nd   Katie Scott          Seminole

3rd   Jeffrey Terronez    Chandler


Honorable Mention Color Portrait

    Jenna Hatler             Macomb

    Danie Conway         Kingston


Color Landscape

1st    Jessica Ryan         Plainview

2nd   Robby Coyner     Chandler

3rd   Abbie Hooten       Seminole


Honorable Mention Color Landscp

    Abbie Hooten          Seminole

    Anissa Hawes          Chandler