DATE OF ADOPTION: June 22, 2000

REVISION DATE(S): October 25, 2012  



Health/Dental Insurance


The College pays full-time employees’ single membership health and dental premiums.  Medical and dental insurance will be paid for all retirees with at least nine and one-half years of service at Seminole State College until they qualify for Medicare.


Health/Dental Insurance Option


Full-time employees who have duplicate health and/or dental insurance through a spouse or other responsible parties may choose to contribute an amount equal to the College’s contribution for health and/or dental insurance to their 403 (B) Plan.  The amount will be equivalent to the lowest available single premium. 


Life Insurance


The College provides a life insurance policy equal to the highest thousand-dollar amount of twice the annual salary for each full-time employee.


Disability Insurance


The College pays long term Disability insurance for all full-time employees, which pays equivalent to sixty percent of the employee’s monthly salary beginning on the  180th calendar day of the employee’s disability.  Disability can either be physical or mental but must be documented by a physician.