DATE OF ADOPTION: July 18, 2001

REVISION DATE(S): June 21, 2007, June 19, 2008   



Application of Scale


The Seminole State College Board of Regents authorizes the President to establish pay-plans for classified personnel according to categorization of position and level of expertise. The pay scale included herein is to be used as a guideline for the establishment of hourly wages at the time of hiring.  In accordance with existing Board Policy, merit pay increases for Classified Staff, who serve at the will of the President, may be made through movement in salary scale to a higher pay level as a merit step.

Full-Time Classified Staff Salary Scale


                                  Pay          Pay            Pay           Pay           Pay

                                Level 1    Level 2       Level 3     Level 4      Level 5

Classified Staff 1       $7.53        $7.82        $8.10        $8.38        $8.66

Classified Staff 2       $8.21        $8.49        $8.77        $9.05        $9.33

Classified Staff 3       $9.00        $9.27        $9.56        $9.84        $10.12

Classified Staff 4       $10.01      $10.40       $10.80      $11.19      $11.81

Classified Staff 5       $11.25      $11.64       $12.09      $12.65      $13.33


Standard Working Hours


Most full-time classified employees work a 35-hour workweek.  However, employees may be assigned by the President or his/her designee to work a 40-hour schedule.


Salary Scale Adjustment


The appropriate supervisor, with the assistance of human resources, will evaluate labor-market conditions and competitive private sector salaries to ensure appropriate classification of openings at the college.  The President will approve final classification of positions