Chapter 6
Employee Evaluation and Faculty Tenure










The following standards of evaluation are established for the positions of Vice President for Academics, Vice President for Fiscal Affairs, Vice President for Student Affairs, Director of Financial Aid, Director of Library, Director of Community Services and Public Relations, Comptroller, Director of Management Information Systems, Director of  Academic Assistance Programs and Testing, Coordinator of Media Relations, Assessment Coordinator  Director of the Student Union, Director of the Physical Plant, Director of Computer Operations and Counselors*.


Each individual covered by this evaluation system will be evaluated by the following methods (forms for use in the evaluation process are available from the President’s Secretary).


Job Description


In December of each year, the immediate supervisor will evaluate the administrator by a pass/no pass indication on each item in the published job description.  Deficiencies and strong points will be noted and discussed with the employee.


Administrative Evaluation Questionnaire


The constituency of each administrator will, in December of each year, complete a questionnaire regarding the effectiveness of the employee being evaluated.  These will be turned in to the employee’s immediate supervisor who will discuss the results with the employee.


Critical Activities


For each calendar year (January — December), a list of Critical Activities which the employee wishes to accomplish will be devised and updated on a monthly basis throughout the year and will be evaluated in December of each year by the employee’s immediate supervisor.


Evaluation Summary


An evaluation results form will be completed by supervisors which reflect the results of each of the three evaluation instruments.  Based on this document, the employee being evaluated will be recommended to the President for re-hire without condition, re-hire with condition, probation, or termination.  This document will be signed by the employee, his immediate supervisor, and the President of the College.


*Counselors will be evaluated on Job Description and Critical Activities only.