Division Chair Evaluation of Faculty


Divisional Chairpersons will complete and forward to the Vice President for Academics, an evaluation of each faculty member within their divisions by February 1 of each year.


The evaluation process calls for the completion of a Performance Evaluation Form by the Divisional Chairperson which addresses the faculty member’s professional performance during the preceding calendar year (January — December).  New faculty members will be evaluated only on fall semester performance.  The Divisional Chairperson will discuss the evaluation with each individual faculty member and both will sign and date the Performance Evaluation Form.


The annual performance evaluation will serve the dual function of assisting the individual faculty in his professional development planning and the institution in its efforts to ensure quality instruction for its students.

Divisional chairpersons will evaluate new adjunct faculty at least once through classroom visitation either in person or through a full-time faculty member assigned that task by the chairperson.


Student Evaluation of Faculty


The Faculty Senate of Seminole State College believes that periodical evaluations are positive and vital steps for an institution to undertake.  Thus, the faculty have agreed to administer the student/instructor evaluations using the guidelines listed below.


During each fall semester, faculty will provide Instructor Evaluation Forms to at least one of their classes for completion by students.  Faculty who are employed at mid-year will distribute these forms in the spring semester.  To maintain confidentiality of student responses, the students will not be asked to sign the form and the completed forms shall be delivered in a sealed envelope to the Vice President for Academic Affairs by a designated student immediately following the class’ completion of the evaluation form.


The completed evaluations will be processed as follows:


1.  The subjective portion of the evaluation will be removed from the form and routed to the appropriate instructor at the end of the semester.

2.  The objective portion of the evaluation will be summarized for each instructor and the results routed to the appropriate Division Chairperson who will make the results available to the appropriate faculty member.

3.  The original objective portion of the evaluation will be maintained by the President for Academic Affairs for one year.