All E&G Classified Staff will be evaluated in May of each year.  Immediate supervisors will complete a Performance Evaluation Form on each employee within his/her area of supervision and then discuss the results of this form, along with any reprimands or commendations which have been issued during the preceding year, with the individual.  Based on this document, the employee being evaluated will be recommended to the President for re-hire without condition, re-hire with condition, probation, or termination.  This document will be signed by the employee, his immediate supervisor, and the President of the College. 


Merit Step Increases


Each year, up to twenty-five percent of the E&G Classified Staff may receive a merit step increase on the E&G Classified Staff pay scale.  Recommendations for a merit increase will be reviewed by the Administrative Council which will provide a recommendation to the President concerning recipients of the merit step increases.  The merit step increase is reserved for those employees who demonstrate exceptional quality of work and job performance during the year just completed.




The President of the College will be evaluated on an on-going basis by the Chairman of the Board of Regents.  Whenever a problem with the President’s job performance arises, the Chairman of the Board should communicate this to the President for corrective action.  In order to gather the opinions of others concerning the President’s performance, it shall be the Chairman’s prerogative to use whatever means necessary, ranging from a formal evaluation instrument completed by selected individuals to informal conversations with other Board members, College staff, and/or external constituencies, to obtain additional information which may be helpful in effectively evaluating the President’s job performance.


At least once per year, preferably during the month of December, the Chairman should meet individually with the President to review the year’s job performance and to make him/her aware of any problem with his/her performance which may jeopardize continued employment.