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- Grade Post Instructions -

No- Shows Instructions


Admin Grade Instruction


Final Grade Instructions




Your  ID is "fac" underscore and the first 7 characters of your last name and the first character of your first name.


Example: jane doe would be fac_doej or
bob silverhorn would be


Your password is the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.


Upon 1st log-in, Please change your password immediately.










 Spring 2015 



16 weeks Classes


No Show Grades

Due Jan 28 @ Noon



Admin Grades

Due Feb 25 @ Noon



Final Grades  

Due May 12 @ Noon




8 weeks Classes


- 1st 8 weeks -


No Show Grades

Due Jan 21 @ Noon


Admin Grades

Due Feb 3 @ Noon


Final Grades 

Due Mar 10 @ Noon




 - 2nd 8 weeks -


No Show Grades

Due Mar 24 @ Noon


Admin Grades

Due Apr 7@ Noon


Final Grades 

Due May 12 @ Noon

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The risks of Internet postings, particularly on popular social networking sites such as Facebook.


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