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- Grade Post Instructions -

No- Shows Instructions


Admin Grade Instruction


Final Grade Instructions




Your  ID is "fac" underscore and the first 7 characters of your last name and the first character of your first name.


Example: jane doe would be fac_doej or
bob silverhorn would be


Your password is the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.


Upon 1st log-in, Please change your password immediately.












 Spring 2014



No Show Grades Due


2nd 8 wks - Due March 25th @ Noon



Final Grades Due


16 weeks classes due


Due May 13  @ Noon



8 weeks classes due


1st 8 wks  -  Due March 12th @ Noon

2nd 8 wks - Due  May 13th  @ Noon










OneNet  is a full-featured, web-enabled email client that lets you compose, send, receive, and manage email, including multimedia messages, from the web.


Click on the "Email Log In" to access your account. Logging for the 1st time, your username will be your first initial.lastname (unless otherwise specified) and your 8 digit birthdate for the password.


Please change the default password immediately for security reasons.


To Change Password:

Log in to your email account.

  1. On the left side near bottom, Click on Options
  2. Click on Global
  3. Click on Change Password
               Enter information into boxes.
               Click Save Preferences button on bottom right hand side.





 Tech Savvy- Helpful Info Resources Article: Colleges warn about networking sites


The risks of Internet postings, particularly on popular social networking sites such as Facebook.


AD-AWARE and SPYWARE.- free applications you can use to remove malicious spy-ware and tracking ad-ware.


SpyBot Search and Destroy  |  Lavasoft Ad-Aware