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Fire Safety

What do I do in case of fire?

If you discover a fire, or suspect a fire, report this to a Residence Life Staff Member at once. If no one is available, call the fire department at 911. In all cases, residents should follow these procedures immediately:

1. Close windows and leave the lights on in the rooms.
2. Pull the room door closed and leave the door unlocked.
3. Evacuate the building.
4. Assemble with your fellow residents so that a roll call may be taken.
5. Do not return to the building until the all-clear signal is given by the Fire Department, a Residence Life Staff Member, or the Vice President for Student Affairs.

What can I do to prevent fires?

1. Smoking is prohibited
2. Report to a Residence Life Staff Member any appliances with electrical shorts.
3. Do not overload circuits by running several extension cords or by violating RLC policies concerning appliances which may not be used.
4. Do not burn candles or incense in student rooms (the burning of candles or incense is prohibited).
5. Do not tamper with fire safety equipment.

Description of fire safety system:

Both RLCs are equipped with strobe lights and horn sound warning devices with dust and sprinkler systems. The alarm automatically contacts and notifies the local Fire Department when activated.

SSC rules and regulations prevent the use of: Portable electrical appliances, smoking, and any open flames in student housing.

SSC rules and regulations prevent the use of: Portable electrical appliances, smoking, and any open flames in student housing.

Procedures for residence hall evacuation:

Both resident halls are evacuated beginning at the top floor and when each room has been cleared it is locked to prevent anyone from re-entering the room. All students are directed to the parking lot for safety from the fire and to see if everyone is accounted for.

Policies for fire safety education and training:

It is the policy at SSC that all faculty and staff attend fire safety education provided during annual in-service training. Faculty and Staff will participate in fire & emergency drills conducted each semester in order to train students, faculty, & staff in fire safety. All SSC Resident Directors, Resident Assistants, and resident staff will attend fire safety education training provided by the local Seminole City Fire Department each year.

Reporting fires:

If a fire is discovered or suspected in a resident hall it is to be reported to a Resident Life staff member at once. If no one is available the Fire Department is to be called immediately by dialing 911.

Plans for future improvements for fire safety:

The SSC Board of Regents in order to improve the safety regarding all potential emergencies approved to have the SSC Emergency Operations Plan reviewed and updated annually.