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Upon confirmation of a threat or potential danger to the health, welfare, or safety of anyone on campus the SSC Police Department shall be notified immediately. An SSC Police Officer will respond immediately to the hot zone to size up and assess the situation. The SSC Police Department will contact pre-designated staff at each building on campus by telephone or radio and notify them of the danger.

Depending on the situation, the outside siren may be sounded to notify those outside. A live public address system will be used following the siren to give instructions to those on campus who are outside. As information becomes available to the police department the public will be notified as soon as possible and without delay and provided information that will reduce or eliminate the threat.

The process SSC will use in order to confirm that a significant emergency exists is as follows: The Seminole State College Emergency Operations Plan is activated on all emergencies reported to the SSC Police Department and the responding officer assesses and evaluates each situation. Each case is then categorized as a level one, level two, or level three event and notification and response procedures are processed according to the type of Emergency and level of severity.

Procedures for disseminating emergency information to the larger community are accomplished through the following methods:

1. SSC maintains a college website and all pertinent information is placed on the website as soon as it approved for accuracy by the Incident Commander and the Public Information Officer.

2.  SSC has partnered with Rave Mobile Safety, a security and safety text/email service to offer an emergency notification system, Rave Alert, capable of sending students, parents, and employees of SSC text, voice, and email messages.

3. The Seminole State College IT Department maintains email lists of all students and employees and provides emails as soon as information becomes available and has been approved by the Incident Commander and the Public Information Officer.

4. SSC Public Information Officers utilizes radio, television, and newspapers in order to disseminate information to the community.

SSC conducts emergency response and evacuation drills at the residence halls in accordance with requirements. Evacuation procedures are outlined in the Emergency Response Procedures manual. Relevant documentation is kept on file in the campus Police Department.