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Educational Talent Search (Focus)


Seminole State College's FOCUS/Educational Talent Search, which has been assisting students in this area since 1991, is an academic enrichment program you can join at your school. It is part of the TRiO Programs, which are funded by the U.S. Department of Education.  During the school year your FOCUS/Educational Talent Search advisor will visit your school and meet with participants either in groups or individually.

Your FOCUS/Educational Talent Search Advisors conduct workshops and activities that provide you with valuable information - but in fun ways.  Not only do you learn about college, careers, study skills, and life skills, you improve your interpersonal skills by interacting with others.

FOCUS/Educational Talent Search can provide you with the tools you need for a successful education and career.  What if you..

  • Don't know how to study? We will show you how to develop good study habits you'll use for years to come.
  • Are unsure about how to apply for college? We can help you with the the application process.
  • Don't know how you will pay for college? We will assist you in finding sources of financial aid.
  • Are confused about what career you want to pursue?  We can help you match your interests and abilities with a caree that's right for you!


You must complete an application and attend one of the following schools: Bowlegs, Butner, Justice, Paden, New Lima, Prague, Sasakwa, Seminole, Strother, or Varnum.

You can fill out the application online here.

or complete the pdf form Application Form.pdf , print and return to our office.


  • Ask a College Student !  Find out how to succeed in college from actual college students !
  • Striking It Rich: Exploring Higher Ed Options - Make the most money AND have the most rewarding career!
  • Operation Lifestyle: How to make your future what you want it to be!
  • Discover Your Learning Style ! How do YOU learn best?
  • How to Read a Textbook (actually get something out of it!)
  • College palooza!! Test your college knowledge!
  • ACT Strategies ! Pratical hints and tips for succeeding with the ACT!
  • Is That Your Final Answer ? Time to show what you've learned!


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