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About SSC's Distance Education

What Is Distance Education at SSC?

Seminole State College (SSC) employs Higher Learning Commission (HLC) definitions for distance-delivered courses and programs: "Distance-delivered courses are those in which all or the vast majority of the instruction and interaction (typically 75% or more) occurs via electronic communication, correspondence, or equivalent mechanisms with the faculty and the students physically separated from each other." The College offers three forms of distance education: online courses, blended courses, and interactive electronic television (ITV) courses. Online courses are offered in an asynchronous format, but blended and ITV courses are offered synchronously. The College currently offers more than fifty courses using online delivery in four academic divisions. Blended courses are being piloted and offered in two divisions. A total of four courses from two different divisions are offered through ITV.

As defined by HLC, "Distance-delivered programs are…those certificate or degree programs in which 50% or more of the required courses may be taken as distance-delivered courses." The College currently offers twenty degree programs that fit this definition. SSC does not offer any degree programs in which one-hundred percent of the courses are available through distance delivery. The College offers no correspondence courses or programs.

SSC offers Distance Education courses in order to provide students convenient access to quality instruction at a distance using the combination of passionate instruction, innovative pedagogy, and rapidly evolving electronic technologies. Distance Education aligns well with the College mission in that it has demonstrated the ability to empower people for academic success, personal growth and lifelong learning. The College is committed to balancing the ever-increasing student demand for online education with a disciplined maintenance of academic rigor, the development of a solid distance-learning procedural infrastructure, and flexible plans for measured growth.

All courses, no matter the delivery method, fall under the purview of the Vice-President of Academic Affairs and must meet all curriculum requirements with the same academic rigor. Online courses must use the same objectives and outcomes and have curricula that match the academic rigor of traditional courses. Online courses must also follow the similar administrative requirements. However, the nature of distance education may require some adjustments or alternatives to procedures for face-to-face courses.

Course Selection Process

In addition to factors such as student demand and faculty interest, SSC has adapted HLC’s Guidelines for the Evaluation of Distance Education to help determine which courses are offered through online delivery. The informal questions listed below are applied in making such a determination. Typically, proposals to deliver a course in an online format originate at the division level when a division chair submits a "Distance Education Course and Instructor Application" to the Distance Education Committee. Approved applications are then forwarded to the Division Chair Council for consideration and possible approval. Both of the above committees fall within the chain of command of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Dr. Linda Goeller, Vice President for Academic Affairs




2020 Distance Education Committee 
Yasminda Choate, Co-Chair Distance Education Committee
Language Arts and Humanities Assistant Professor
Michael Schnell, Co-Chair Distance Education Committee & Coordinator of Distance Education
Technology Specialist Assistant Professor
Jeff Cheng
Business and Education Assistant Professor
Robin Crawford
SSC Distance Education Outreach Supervisor
Academic Affairs Administrative Assistant
Teresa Norman
Technology & Web Specialist
Marta Osby
Social Sciences Professor
Jason Cook
Division Chair STEM
Theran Hernandez
STEM Assistant Professor
Natasha Rodgers
Fiscal Affairs Bookstore Director
Britney Honsinger
Student Affairs Recruitment Specialist
Joshua Hutton
Communications Coordinator



Seminole State College empowers people for academic success, personal development, and lifelong learning.

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last updated September 2020

For information about SSC's Distance Education program, contact Michael Schnell, the Coordinator of Distance Education

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