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Brightspace Troubleshooting


If you are having technical problems using Brightspace, this page offers suggestions for dealing with the problem. If none of these work, contact SSC's IT department at Inform your instructor of any technical problem. He/she probably will not be able to help you solve it, but he/she may have encountered this before and may know what the problem is. This will also let the instructor know of a possible problem that other students may have. You should also check the class policy on turning in work on time if there is a technical issue. If the problem is on the student end, then that may not be a sufficient reason for turning in work late.

1.    Content Page Issues:

a.    A Content module I'm looking for is missing, what do I do?

b.    Why am I getting an error message when attempting to access a Content link?

c.    Why are audio and video lectures in Content modules not playing? To complete a system check as the answer suggests, use this link:

d.    How do I download content?

e.    How do I print content?

f.     How do I make the font size bigger?

g.    Why can't I click on certain/any content topics?

2.    Assignment Issues:

3.    Uploading files to a submission folder:

a.    Mobile devices:

b.    Other upload problems:

4.    Discussion Board Issues:

5.    Quizzes/Assessments Issues:

6.    Grades and Feedback:


You can also use Google to find solutions. Simply type your question into the search pane. For example, if I had problems uploading a file, I could type: Brightspace file upload error.


Some common steps to take when having technical difficulty are:

  1. Log out of Brightspace, log back in, and try again.

  2. Reboot your computer

  3. Switch computers

  4. Switch Internet browsers. Brightspace is more compatible with Chrome and Firefox, and tends to be more buggy in Internet Explorer.

























































































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last updated February 2017

For information about SSC's Distance Education program, contact Michael Schnell, the Coordinator of Distance Education

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