Fall 2016 Orientation Module Zip File

To import into a class, follow these steps: 

1. Download the zip file to your computer by clicking this link: orientation zip

2. Open the Brightspace class that you want to import the orientation modules into.

3. Choose COURSE ADMIN from the navbar.  

4. Choose import/export/copy course components from the list of tools


5. Select Import Components then hit the blue START button.
6. Click UPLOAD
7. Navigate to where you saved the ZIP file and select it.
8. Wait while the file is imported   
9. When the file is ready, click IMPORT ALL COMPONENTS.
10. Wait for the file to be imported. 
11. When you get the message that the import was successful, click VIEW CONTENT. 
12. All newly imported content appears at the bottom of the Table of Contents list. It will not overwrite any existing content. If you are updating existing content, you will have to delete the old materials. You can drag the new module to the place you want it on the table of contents by placing your mouse over the three bars at the beginning of the module name and dragging the module to the place you want it.