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DEPC for Instructors


DEPC Exam/Assignment Scheduling and Cancellation

Items highlighted in yellow are new

  • Instructors will provide contact information in a new SignUp Genius signup: Faculty & Proctor Contact Info. The previous contact information on the exam schedule has been eliminated to provide a more streamlined form.

  • Instructors must use proctored exams/assignments for 40% of online coursework. This must be done in 1-3 exams/assignments.

  • Instructors must schedule their proctored exams in SignUp Genius under the DEPC Faculty Exams FALL, Faculty Exams SPRING, or Faculty Exams SUMMER lists. Instructors will receive an email invitation with this sign-up's address and access code. Remember: proctored assignments do not have to be exams. They can also be written assignments, projects, etc.

  • All faculty must also set up exams in ProctorU for students to take. Instructions to do so are available at

  • Instructors must have their exams scheduled by the end of week one of each semester in order to better coordinate scheduling. Instructors may change their exam info themselves by updating their SignUp Genius slots. The system will automatically send the DEC Coordinator notice of any changes/updates.

  • Exams must open and close in 5 business days. The DEPC will not administer an exam after the stated closing date. Students should contact their instructor concerning make-up exams.

  • Scheduling makeup exams: Instructors will now fill out a form for students needing to take late exams. They will no longer extend test dates in the SignUp Genius faculty exam schedule. They will send these forms to the DE Coordinator.

  • Instructors will set a time limit for each exam/assignment, usually 30-120 minutes. Students should reserve a time that will allow them to complete the exam/assignment before the DEPC closes. Proctors will not extend operating hours to allow students to complete an exam/assignment. The DEPC will not schedule or begin exams/assignments within 30 minutes of closing.

  • All exams must be digital except for special circumstances (e.g., an ADA accommodation).

  • Electronic exams/assignments will be accessed via Brightspace, an alternative learning management system used by the cours).

  • Security:

    • Instructors are now required to use a 4-digit password. This should be 1 password for ALL classes and exams. This can be any alphanumeric combination, all numbers, or all letters. For those using Pearson's ITLab, the required longer password is okay.

    • Instructors must NOT use the IP address lock.

  • The DEPC has limited seat availability at any given exam/assignment time, so instructors should emphasize the importance of scheduling an exam/assignment and not waiting till the last minute to take an exam/assignment to their students. Starting summer 2016, the DEPC will no longer accept walk-in appointments. Students must schedule their exams in SignUp Genius and bring printed confirmation of their sign-up with the instructor name and class handwritten on the email sent by SignUp Genius.

  • Faculty do not need to provide a course roster. If they suspect students not enrolled in their classes are taking exams for students enrolled, then they can request a spreadsheet of all students who have signed up for their exams and check names themselves.

  • Faculty will handle all Academic Integrity issues that occur in the DEPC. Proctors will not stop students from completing exams (except when the time for the exam/assignment is over), but they will make notes of any incidents or suspicious behavior and send a report to the faculty member. Faculty must decide how to address the problem and follow SSC’s Academic Integrity procedures.

  • Because no environment is 100% fail-safe, the DEPC encourages faculty to follow best practices when preparing exams to ensure academic integrity. Below is a list of common best practices for Distance Education proctored exams.

  • Faculty will receive forms from students who are taking exams outside of the DEPC. If students are using proctors from other educational institutions, they need only send the form that goes to the instructor. The DE Coordinator does not need a copy of this form. If they are using proctors outside of educational institutions, then they must submit the proctor approval form no later than TWO WEEKS before their exam. Instructors may need to set up alternative versions of exams for non-DEPC proctoring. These options are explained at

  • Online class syllabi must include the following information

    • Seminole State College requires online students complete 40% of the course grade in a proctored environment and provides free proctoring on campus at the Distance Education Proctoring Center, Boren Library Rm. 125. Students unable to travel to campus should check out the other proctoring options available on the Distance Education web site at
    • Each online instructor will establish the specific exams and/or assignments that students must complete in person, either in the DEPC, with a faculty or staff member on SSC’s campus, or at an off-site location with an approved proctor. Students should note the days these events are available and make arrangements to complete them on time. More details are available on the web site.
    • Scheduling Exams: Students can find the steps to scheduling their online exams at
    • Technical Requirements and Computer Literacy: Students can find information about required hardware, software, skills, and the different applications used in SSC courses (e.g., Brightspace, Pearson) on the Distance Education website at
    • No-Show Reporting: Online students will not be counted as academically attending the class until they have completed one graded assignment before the end of the 14th calendar day. Simply logging-in to the class does not count as attending. Any student who does not complete a graded assignment by that due date will be turned in as a “no-show” and dropped from the course.

Proctored Exams Best Practices

  • Using the LMS’s assessment tool, randomize questions and multiple-choice answers so that no individual student exam/assignment is the same.
  • Use the time feature to set a limit to how long students can take an exam/assignment.
  • Limit the number of times a student can attempt an exam/assignment.
  • Design the assessment so that students see only one question at a time. This not only helps them take the exam/assignment, but it also prevents copying and passing on of questions.
  • Use more open-ended and essay questions, which make cheating more difficult.
  • Inform students of SSC’s Academic Integrity policy and cover what constitutes cheating and plagiarism.
  • Include a DEPC Information section on the class syllabus with links to the DEPC web page.


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last updated February 2017

For information about SSC's Distance Education program, contact Michael Schnell, the Coordinator of Distance Education

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