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Proctoring Options



The Distance Education Proctoring Center in Boren Library 125 is a free, on-campus space for online students to take their proctored assignments. Students do not need to fill out any forms to take exams here. All they need to do is schedule an appointment with SignUp Genius for a time when the instructor has opened the assignment, bring the allowed materials for taking the test, and then read and follow the policies/procedures for using the DEPC, available on this web site.


Individual Proctoring

If students cannot travel to campus or schedule a time to take the exam in the DEPC, they have the option of setting up individual proctoring. There are 2 categories of individual proctoring: one that requires preapproval of the proctor and one that does not require preapproval.

  • No Preapproval Required: If students choose faculty, administration, or professional staff at an educational institution, then they do not need to get approval to use that proctor. They simply need to fill out the form that goes to their instructor. Examples of educational institutions include testing centers, colleges, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. Examples of people suitable to act as a proctor are teachers, counselors, librarians, and principals. Any SSC employee that meets these requirements can also act as a proctor.

  • Preapproval Required: Any proctor that does not work at a school of some sort or is not part of a testing center must be preapproved by the Distance Education Coordinator at least 2 weeks before the test is to be taken. Students using such a proctor must fill out the preapproval form. After they have received email confirmation that they can use this proctor, they must then fill out the approved proctor form that goes only to their instructor. They should get this to the instructor a week before the exam.


The college has partnered with ProctorU to provide an in-home option for students needing proctoring. This service is not free. Students can find information about fees and scheduling an exam with ProctorU by following the link on the left menu.

























































































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For information about SSC's Distance Education program, contact Michael Schnell, the Coordinator of Distance Education

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