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DEPC for SSC Students in SSC Online Courses

DEPC Exam/Assignment Scheduling and Cancellation

  • To schedule an exam/assignment time, SSC students can follow the instructions on the Reservations page. Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis. Starting summer 2016, the DEPC will no longer take walk-in appointments. Students MUST reserve a time to take an exam in SignUp Genius. Students must bring proof of their reservations (a print out of the SignUp Genius confirmation that they can show the proctor). Be sure your settings in SignUpGenius are set to the Central time zone to avoid confusion.

  • Students can also set up exams outside of the DEPC with approved proctors, with SSC faculty on campus, or use ProctorU (a fee-based service for taking exams at home).

  • SSC students who are late for a reserved exam/assignment time may forfeit their reserved space.

  • SSC students must cancel their reservations via SignUpGenius if they cannot show for their scheduled appointment.

  • SSC students should contact their instructor concerning make-up exams. The DEPC cannot administer an exam/assignment outside of the available times set by the instructor.

  • Instructors will set a time limit for each exam/assignment, usually 50-120 minutes. SSC students should reserve a time that will allow them to complete the exam/assignment before the DEPC closes. Proctors will not extend operating hours to allow students to complete an exam/assignment. The DEPC will not schedule or begin exams/assignments within 30 minutes of closing.

DEPC Rules and Responsibilities for SSC Students

Scheduling and Checking-In to the DEPC

  • Follow the instructions on the Reservations Page as well as the instructions on this page.
  • Students entering the area should be quiet and prepared for testing. The DEPC recommends students arrive at least 15 minutes early to check-in for the exam/assignment and put away their personal items in the designated cubbies. On heavy test days, students may need to sit in the waiting area.

  • Students must have their SSC photo ID or Driver's License with them when checking-in to take the exam/assignment. Students without a valid photo-id will not be allowed into the testing area.

  • Students must bring proof of their reservations.

  • Students must store all non-test approved materials and items in the cubbies outside of The DEPC. Students are discouraged from storing valuable items in the cubbies. SSC is not responsible for loss of or damage to items left in the cubbies.

 Taking Exams/Assignments

  • SSC Students may not bring food/drink into the lab, take breaks, or leave their seats during exam/assignment times unless a prior accommodation has been submitted and approved by their instructor or the ADA Coordinator.

  • Students must have basic computer knowledge and skills, be able to access their Cruiser account, and navigate to the exam/assignment in the LMS used. DEPC proctors will not provide training or perform tasks for students during the exam/assignment.

  • Students must supply any testing tool required by the instructor. Only authorized materials are allowed at the computer station or desk. These include scantrons, headphones for audio, calculators, etc. Headphones required for the exam/assignment must be inaudible to neighboring students.

  • Instructors will provide the proctor with instructions on what materials students can use for the exam/assignment. Any student caught with unauthorized items will be asked to put away the device. The proctor will also make a note of the rule violation and inform the relevant faculty member.

  • Students can bring standard earplugs with them if they require complete silence or are easily distracted.

  • During testing, students must only open the specific programs required for taking the exam. Students may not navigate away from the specified exam/assignment location. They cannot check email or access the Internet unless the exam/assignment allows for such activity.

  • After submitting their exam/assignment, students must log out of the LMS being used for the exam/assignment. They should then return any approved scratch paper or items to the proctor and exit the DEPC.

  • At all times, students must behave in accordance to DEPC policies and procedures (this document), as well as, SSCís Student Code of Conduct and Campus Policies and Procedures. The SSC Student Code of Conduct and Campus Policies and Procedures are in the Student Handbook (pp. 19-31). Students suspected of violating DEPC and/or SSC policies and procedures will have their actions reported to the appropriate and relevant authorities.


Contacting the DEPC

  • Questions should be directed to the Coordinator of Distance Education via e-mail ( or phone at (405) 382-9229.

  • SSC Students should direct any other questions regarding their test to their instructor.

ADA Accommodations

  • Special services available for ADA students are detailed in the student handbook (p. 11).

  • For information about testing services and accommodations available to individuals with disabilities, students should contact ADA specialist Carmen Hutchins (

  • If eligible, students must make ADA arrangements in advance in accordance with established SSC policy.

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