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Brightspace Tutorials

NOTE: Some videos and print guides will mention features not available in SSC's Brightspace options or for certain levels of users.


Brightspace's Tutorial Site on YouTube - if you cannot find a video you need below, click here for the searchable home page of Brightspace's YouTube site.


Click the link to go to that section of the page:


Video Tutorials

Print Guides on Using Brightspace



Video Tutorials

Print Guides on Using Brightspace



Video Tutorials for Instructors

Please note that instructors do not have the access to add/delete students from the classlist. Disregard any mention of this in the tutorials.

  1. Getting Started

  2. Setting up the Gradebook

  3. Point System

  4. Weighted System

  5. Content Tool

  6. Discussion Board

  7. Quizzes

  8. Question Library

  9. Dropbox (Assignments)

  10. Rubrics

  11. Import/Export/Copy Components

  12. User Progress Tool - Track and Compare Student Performance

  13. Intelligent Agents

  14. Competency Tools (e.g., Learning Objectives)

  15. Group of Tutorials on Common Course Setup Tasks (these videos are included in the links above)

  16. Manage Files and Add As Content Topic

  17. Calendar - Create an Event

  18. Regrading an assessment to correct an error in answer key (individual student or entire class)

  19. Attendance - video from Oklahoma City University. Please note that we access the Attendance tool in a different place. Our attendance link is now on the nav bar right after the More Tools menu.


Video Tutorials for Students

  1. Account settings:

  2. Profile:

  3. Navigation:

  4. Notifications:

  5. Classlist:

  6. Pager:

  7. Content:

  8. Discussions:

  9. Quizzes:

  10. Dropbox (Assignments):

  11. Grades:

  12. User Progress:

  13. Binder:


Print Guides for Brightspace - Instructors

  1. Administering Courses (Intelligent Agents, Replace Strings)

  2. Assessments (Assignments, Competencies, Grades, Question Library, Quizzes, Rubrics, Self-Assessments, Surveys, User Progress)

  3. Course Design (Course Builder, Home Page/Widgets, Personal Dashboard, Instructional Design Wizard)

  4. Course Planning (Attendance, Calendar, Check List, Manage Dates, Manage Files)

  5. Creating Course Content (Content, HTML Editor, Links, Release Conditions)

  6. Collaboration and Communication (Classlist, Discussions, FAQ, Groups, Announcements, Sections)

  7. Accessibility in Brightspace (Written for learners but still useful for faculty)

  8. Attendance instructions: Coming soon


Print Guides for Brightspace - Students

  1. Assessments

  2. Course Content

  3. Collaboration and Communication

  4. Accessibility in Brightspace


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last updated February 2017

For information about SSC's Distance Education program, contact Michael Schnell, the Coordinator of Distance Education

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