Students Hit SSC Campus for Summer Camp

Aug. 8, 2014 – More than 30 SSC GEAR UP students had the opportunity for summer learning activities and college and career planning by attending the SSC GEAR UP project’s summer residential camp July 6-10.

In addition to a block of daily activities, the students took an evening trip to Andy Alligator’s Fun Park in Norman and spent a full day on a field trip to the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center and the University of Oklahoma College of Engineering.

After moving in at SSC’s Roesler Residential Learning Center Sunday, the students’ schedules included three days of classes exploring career paths, learning more about rocketry and applying the uses of the Global Positioning System through the popular activity of geocaching.

Maud Public Schools teacher Carla Sanders and volunteers Dieter Rudolph, Matt Ford and Carri Abner of the Oklahoma Forestry Services Division joined the GEAR UP staff to develop a daily activity schedule for the students that began Monday and culminated with final contests and demonstrations of completed projects Thursday afternoon.

After settling into the class schedule on day one, the students enjoyed an evening trip to the fun park for go-cart racing, miniature golf and rock wall climbing.

“The schedule was intense, but we knew these students made the decision to give up this one week of their summer with the plan to learn something new and extra. So, these activities were designed with the goal to pique their interest in engineering, science and technology,” said Julie Hix, GEAR UP Project Director.

After a Wednesday morning breakfast, the students began a full-day field trip on the SSC bus. The first destination of the day was the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City for a brief tour of one of the largest Federal Aviation Administration facilities in the nation. From their seats onboard a converted 747 fuselage used for the FAA’s presentations, the students learned about the activities at the center and careers in the aviation industry and with the FAA for those who work to develop math, engineering and technical skills.

Following the morning at the FAA facility, the group loaded up the college bus for a short drive to Norman and lunch at the OU Couch Cafeteria. The afternoon included a visit to the OU College of Engineering and a series of hands-on learning activities led by OU graduate assistants and engineering undergraduates.

At the Federal Aviation Administration's