Teachers Train in the Use of New Technology

September 1, 2013 – Teachers and administrators from the OK, Go College! partner schools received both training and equipment when they made the trip to the Seminole State College campus for the GEAR UP “Technology Boot Camp” before the students began their school year.

Along with picking up the set of “clickers” provided by the grant for use in engaging student interest and interaction, the educators were trained in the use of the All In Response system that is included in the technology package. Trainers from the company provided hands on training for the teachers in the best use of the technology to provide instruction for GEAR UP students.

The All In Response software and equipment provides teachers with the opportunity to improve student-teacher interaction in the classroom and consequently allowing teachers to have immediate feedback on the level of student understanding. This feedback allows the teacher to change teaching strategies or spend more time on concepts the students are struggling with.

The “clickers” allow students to answer questions that are part of the presentation by the teacher. Use of the All In Response system may also provide teachers with the opportunity to track data through reports generated by the system’s assessments and target a struggling student for academic intervention.

“The equipment and the technology peaks the student’s interest, and the recorded results help guide the teacher’s approach to helping the student understand,” said Jeanie Nix, GEAR UP Project Director.

An additional presentation by David Young from Texas Instruments provided the “Boot Campers” with the opportunity to learn more about the functions and expanded capabilities of the TI-84 Plus graphing calculators purchased for the 15 schools during the previous grant year.

“This year, more of the GEAR UP students will have the opportunity to work with this most basic building block for technology in mathematics instruction as they enter their ninth-grade year and work to grasp the intricacies of algebra,” Nix said.

Dr. Katherine Hughes with Apple Education spoke to teachers and principals about the use of Apple technology, specifically iPads, in the classroom. Workshop material included software in the classroom and how to implement iPad use in an academic setting. The SSC GEAR UP Project is in the process of placing iPads in the partner schools.