Speaker encourages students to live life with ‘no more excuses’

Signing autographs at Seminole Presentation

December 2, 2014 – SSC GEAR UP students came together for assemblies in November and were encouraged to answer the question “How are you going to live your life with no more excuses?”
By relating personal anecdotes and stories about his teenage years, Grant Baldwin energized the crowds that gathered in the morning and afternoon GEAR UP-sponsored presentations at Seminole, Holdenville, Konawa and Prague auditoriums just before the students’ Thanksgiving break.Square Grant
A speaker and author, Baldwin has spoken to more than 250,000 students in 42 different states and continues to travel the country speaking to students at conferences, school assemblies and other youth events enjoying what he calls “hanging out with teenagers.” After each of the presentations, he stayed a few extra minutes to visit with the students and autographed copies of his book Reality Check. Written as “the student’s guide to the real world,” the book includes practical advice and insights addressing student questions on issues like creating a budget, applying for scholarships, dealing with relationships and finding a career.
While the presentations could have been mistaken for stand-up comedy by those hearing the student reactions and laughter as they passed by in the hallway, the students still came away with his message that “Your past doesn’t have to determine your future.” And, he challenged the students to work toward reaching their full potential by asking “Does it bother you enough to do something about it?”
Julie Hix, GEAR UP Project Director, told the students they will “see Grant again during the spring” and announced plans for a GEAR UP Leadership Institute during the summer months to include Baldwin’s participation.

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