SSC GEAR UP Offers to Pay April ACT Test Fee for Sophomores


January 23, 2015 – The Seminole State College GEAR UP Project will pay the testing fee for GEAR UP sophomores who complete applications and schedule ACT testing for the April National Testing Date this spring.

To take advantage of GEAR UP payment of the testing fee, students must contact their GEAR UP advisor, obtain a copy of the hard copy application form and return it to the advisor by the end of February. SSC GEAR UP will mail applications and include payment for the tests completing registration for the students to take the test at one of the designated ACT testing sites Saturday, April 18, 2015.

Seminole State College is one available testing site for the April 18 date, and ACT testing is also scheduled on April 18 at Asher and Holdenville GEAR UP partner schools. In the GEAR UP project area, other testing sites for the April 18 national testing date include Byng High School, East Central University, Okemah High School, Oklahoma Baptist University, Stroud High School and Tecumseh High School.

Taking the ACT is an important step in any student’s college preparation plans. The test scores from the ACT are not only used for admission applications, but also are often a consideration for most college academic scholarships. And, subject area scores on the test are often the primary evaluative guide for course placement in college credit-bearing classes and a consideration for college academic advisors.

Consequently, the best possible score on the test should be an important consideration for any college-bound student. And since students are not limited to taking the test only one time, many now take the test in their sophomore year and two or more times before they complete their college applications.

This strategy can help a student in a number of ways. By finding subject area weaknesses early, students are often able to improve sub-scores in certain areas and the cumulative score in subsequent tests, By taking the test a number of times, many also overcome the challenge of the length of the test session and the wide range of subject matter included in the academic evaluation compacted into the single ACT test.

ACT subject-area scores are also used to determine a student’s preparation for college-level classes when the student wants to enroll concurrently in college courses during his or her junior year of high school.

In Oklahoma, concurrent enrollment at community colleges is available for high school juniors if they have a 3.5 G.P.A. or a 21 score on the ACT. For more information on concurrent enrollment requirements, students should check the additional information available at on the OK CollegeStart website and discuss concurrent enrollment options with their high school counselor.