Starting College Today May Be an Option for You

June 3, 2015 – “Only two more years before I am ready for college,” the high school junior may claim. But for some students, the junior year is time for the actual start of college classes.

With availability of college concurrent enrolment at Oklahoma colleges and universities, many high school students get a head start on a college degree before even obtaining a high school diploma. And, seniors are not the only ones who get going early.

The short distance to nearby college campuses and the availability of online or remote delivery of classes to high school sites add to the convenience for this fall’s GEAR UP Juniors.

Near the SSC GEAR UP project’s 15 school districts, concurrent enrollment is available for both seniors and juniors at every public and private college and university.

Interactive television course delivery (IETV) is also available or is becoming available at a growing number of the SSC GEAR UP schools. And, a few GEAR UP students can take advantage of college classes scheduled to meet at their high school campus.

Students who meet the concurrent enrollment requirements should consider taking a few credit hours of coursework during both their junior and senior years preparing them for the transition to a more intense full-time schedule of college classes later.

By an agreement between the State Department of Education and the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, public colleges and universities waive tuition for high school seniors taking concurrent college courses. To lower the cost for juniors, Connors State College and Seminole State College also provide tuition waivers for high school juniors. Private universities like Oklahoma Baptist University and St. Gregory’s University often offer a tuition discount for all concurrent high school students.

The reduced cost for college courses at only the price of fees and books gives the high school junior another reason to take advantage of concurrent enrollment and get started early toward a college degree.

To find out more about requirements for concurrent enrollment as a high school junior, look for concurrent enrollment information at and visit with your high school counselor. Or, to find out specifics about your chosen college or university, search for “concurrent enrollment” on the institution’s website.