Seminole Chamber of Commerce Passes Resolution In Support of SSC

The Seminole Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted Friday to support community efforts to retain local governing board control of Seminole State College.  The Board passed a resolution at their meeting held Jan. 25.

Chamber Chairman of the Board Darren Frederick signed the resolution expressing support from Seminole’s business community and the Chamber’s members.

“The College is an integral part of this community.  This community has long demonstrated its support for “its” college and the college has been a big contributor to the community.  It is an economic development engine and a great partner to the Chamber and city in working to improve our area.”

Darren Frederick – Chamber Chairman of the Board

Chamber Chief Executive Officer Amy Britt added, “We believe local control of the college is important.  We wanted our citizens, legislators and the State Regents for Higher Education to understand this community stands behind keeping the current governance structure in place.”

The resolution was passed in response to recommendations by the Oklahoma Higher Education Task Force to merge several rural community colleges, including SSC, with other institutions and to dissolve their Boards of Regents effective June 30, 2019.  The resolution states, “such action would be detrimental to the College, the community and employees and students of SSC.”

Stressing that the college is a major employer and active corporate citizen, the resolution says the College “provides economic strength to the area and vital educational and cultural opportunities for community members, as well as students.”

“Maintaining local control of Seminole State College is of paramount importance in ensuring quality services continue to be provided to our area,” the resolution concludes.

The Seminole Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to strengthen the area economy and quality of life through several broad initiatives, including:

  • Helping businesses prosper and grow;
  • Increasing job opportunities;
  • Encouraging the orderly expansion and development of all segments of the community;
  • Contributing to the overall economic stability of Seminole; and
  • Encouraging and promoting the nation’s private enterprise systems of competitive marketing.

In addition to Chairman Darren Frederick, the 2019 Chamber Board is led by Executive Committee members:  Mitch Enos, Mike Roberts, Jeff Fine and Zachary Northrip.  For more information about the Seminole Chamber of Commerce or the resolution, contact the Chamber office at 405-382-3640.