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Welcome to the NASNTI

The Seminole State College NASNTI was awarded a 5 year grant. The SSC NASNTI Program will revitalize and expand its Computer Science Program to bring it up to date with industry standards while adding options in Security, Programming and Esports.

The program will also initiate upgrades in IT infrastructure and establish necessary equipment in lab spaces to support updated and specialized computer science instruction.

The program will develop semnars (face to face), videos/modules (online), and Talking Circles to address academic success skills, technology skills, civic/professional skills, cultural awareness, and wellbeing / resilience.

SSC NASTNI will strengthen support for online students with disabilities by appointing a disability services professional development leader to conduct two interactive training workshops in best practices for supporting students with disabilities in an online learning enviroment.  In addition, target faculty each year will work closely with a contractual disability services expert to design founcational courses to align with principles for Universal Design.  Updated courses will be supported by new assistive devices and online services to support accommodations for students with disabilities in online coursee.

The establishment of an Access Lab on campus will provide flexible access to computers equipped with assistive devices and software for students with disabilities.   Throughout the five-year period, the program will also develop and pliot new services, and opportunities to promote holistic student development that will support students in persisting through college and prepare them for their next steps in higher education and ultimately in their careers.

Please watch our video introducing Talking Circles. It was kindly created for us by the Kickapoo TribeDream catcher

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