Seminole State College offers two-year associate's degrees for students planning to transfer to four-year colleges or universities and associate's degrees for students intending to enter directly into the workforce upon graduation.

Each degree plan has a faculty member who serves as a Degree Program Mentor. You may contact the mentor directly via the email address shown below to inquire about a particular degree program.

Click on the name of a degree program to open a link to the degree program catalog description and degree requirements checklist for each program.  Click on the Math Pathways link to view the required general education math course for each major.


Student should enroll in the general education math course relevant to their major.

Click on the Math Pathways to Degrees link for general education math information for each of SSC’s major fields of study.


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Transfer Degrees


Transfer degrees come in two varieties, Associate in Arts (AA) and Associate in Science (AS). The College offers eighteen transfer degree programs with a broad variety of majors  All links will open in Adobe Reader click to download free reader if needed.


2019-20 Catalog Transfer Degree Programs   






      2018-19 Catalog Transfer Degree Programs


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Transfer Agreements





Enter-the-Workforce Degrees


Two-year degrees designed for students to enter the workforce upon graduation are Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees.  The College offers five Associate in Applied Science degrees and 3 Certificates. A Certificate of Mastery in Child Development, an Early College Certificate and Phlebotomy Certificate  all designed for immediate workforce entry following graduation.  Students who begin an Associate in Applied Science degree program are permitted to change to a transfer degree program should their goals change to include the pursuit of a four-year degree upon graduation from Seminole State.


2019-20 Catalog Enter-the-Workforce Degrees Programs



   2018-19 Catalog Enter-the-Workforce Degrees Programs


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