Welcome Letter from the Director

janna 1WELCOME to Student Support Services and STEM Student Support Services!

Let me get right to it…


Every activity in SSS and STEM SSS can be traced back to these small words that pack a big punch.

DECIDE: Most participants in SSS and STEM SSS have at least one major decision to make.  Every day our staff helps participants make decisions on multiple academic matters ranging from course scheduling to career choices.  Our commitment is to help guide the decision-making process so that our participants make the best decision for them and their family.  The first decision we ask many participants to make is to decide that they can and will learn.  Not a week goes by that we do not hear something like, “I am not smart” or,   “I cannot do math.”  We believe everyone can learn, even if they need a little help in doing so.  The mind has the ability to develop far beyond what most people realize.  The very first decision in college should be that of deciding, “I CAN and WILL learn.”

COMMIT:  We see the relationship we have with our participants as a partnership.  Our participants commit to attend class regularly, complete all homework, study daily, take notes, communicate with instructors, actively participating in their respective program (SSS or STEM SSS), etc.  SSS and STEM SSS commit to provide academic help such as tutoring, advisement, collegiate guidance, graduation and transfer assistance, referrals, etc.  It has been said, “Commitment is the glue that bonds you to your goals.”  When you establish your goals you may experience a positive emotional connection with them.  Inevitably, difficulties in life will occur and college will become more challenging.  When life challenges arise, the motivation that one once experienced with their goals, may fade.  SSS and STEM SSS want to remind participants of their commitment to goals and the benefits of goal completion, even when motivation has faded.

SUCCEED:  Success can be measured in a multitude of ways.  In the classroom, most success is measured by passing or failing grades.  When pursuing a degree, success is measured by earning a diploma.  The SSS and STEM SSS programs have two primary goals that give order to everything we do: graduation from SSC and transfer to a 4-year school.  Our success is measured by our participants’ academic success.  Therefore, we work with our participants to set goals toward their own daily academic success, and ultimately, graduation and transfer.

Guess what?  Whether you believe it or not, you can successfully do this thing called college!  The staff of  SSS and STEM SSS believes you can.  We hope you believe it too!

Please consider applying today to see if you qualify as a participant!

Janna Manlapig

Director, Student Support Services/STEM Student Support Services

Seminole State College